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Fiona Duncan, MA, MSed

Fiona Duncan holds a Master of Art in Teaching, a Master of Science in Education, and is New York State certified in both Art and Special Education to teach grades K-12. She is a retired NY State public school teacher and college Graphic Design Instructor & Department Chair. Her professional strengths are Student Relations, Teaching and Curriculum Development. Fiona is a seasoned Practical Magician, Reiki Master and is a practicing Eclectic Witch of 30+ years. She is not the type to be drawn to witchy 'woo', but rather, she practices and teaches Magick and Witchcraft as an empowering spiritual path that is both 'Art' and 'Science' in equal measure.

Fiona is a lifelong Witch, having been first introduced to Italian Folk Magick as a young child by her immigrant grandparents. Over the years Fiona discovered her own unique magickal path, crafting a practice with profound meaning and purpose to her, engaging with covens of various lineages, graduate-level research and practical application, and studying the works of notable Witches and Magicians. She integrates her esoteric experience into a magickal and spiritual practice that she refers to as 'Modern Eclectic Witchcraft.' Fiona continually uses her academic expertise to research, learn, and practice this sacred path, and collaborates with other Witches in her quest for further knowledge and mastery.

Spiritually, Fiona is a true devotee of the Sacred Earth and the Divine Feminine, through which she finds her connection to Source. The forest is her temple and it is here where she feels most alive, channeling sacred energy between the earth and the ethereal. 

Fiona is now dedicating herself to sharing esoteric knowledge and the subjects most dear to her, so she created The Magickal Path. In her opinion, there is no other path that is as powerful and life-affirming as Witchcraft, and none that has made as profound an impact on her own spiritual, emotional and physical healing journey.

What Fiona really loves most is empowering people to find their magick so they can make real changes in their lives. She achieves this through her courses, and through one-one coaching and instruction. Fiona's students emerge from her tutelage with a deep understanding of content along with the confidence to boldly walk their uniquely crafted spiritual and magickal path, thus enabling them to create the lives they have long desired.

It is Fiona's deepest desire to share her knowledge, experience and passion with any who seek to claim their power as 'Witch,' to connect with the Divine, and ultimately their deepest selves. She believes that life can be a most magickal, soulful and thrilling experience when one is aligned with their true path.



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