Our Beacon, NY location 

The Magickal Path's physical domain is shared with and made available through Other Worldly Waxes, a hardcore, no-fluff, magickal supply shop, which is owned and operated by Magickal Path Head Teacher, Amy C Wilson.   

The school is very appropriately housed in the city's former high school, a 100+ year old haunted building which would have been made derelict, if not for its transformation into a hub for artists and other creative small businesses. 

Together, Fiona and Amy work in this bewitching space, making magick happen in order to bring their courses and wisdom to students both locally, and around the world.

Enroll in our live, in-person classes and benefit from not just one highly experienced Witch, but two!

Receive personalized support and attention while you learn new skills and ideas among other like-minded and like-spirited people in our intimate and magickal setting. Classes are limited to 12 participants, so you are sure to receive the care and attention you deserve. 

Fiona and Amy are in the process of creating their 2020 course schedule. Sign up below to be notified the minute the dates and topics are published. 


Workshops and Classes at our Hudson Valley, NY & Northern NJ Locations 

If you live in the area, please come to our in-person classes and workshops! We would LOVE to meet you! Our courses and workshops are a safe haven for Witches as well as those who are newly exploring the path of the Witch. Our group is open to men and women who come with a sincere heart and desire to learn. This is the perfect place for those who are new to magick and Witchcraft. It is also the perfect place for those who have been exploring the Craft for a while but desire human interaction and experience. 



Old Beacon High School
3rd fl, rm 309
21 Fishkill Avenue, Beacon NY


The Magickal Path is so pleased to have classroom space inside metaphysical and witchy shop, Soul Journey, for our New Jersey students! The shop carries a great selection of books, crystals and so much more, including an enormous selection of tarot cards! You'll love this little shop! 

Headmistress Fiona Duncan leads in-person classes and workshops at this site and also team-teaches with Witch and magician, Aradia Arcanum, in their Weekend Witchery Workshop series. 

Receive personalized support and attention while you learn new skills and ideas among other like-minded and like-spirited people in our intimate and magickal setting. Classes are limited to just 9 participants, so you are sure to receive lots of personal attention and have the opportunity to ask your questions. 

Check out the schedule below, and be sure to sign up to be the first to know about when enrollment opens for each class. 

Your instructors are Fiona Duncan, Headmistress at The Magickal Path, and Aradia Arcanum, Witch and Proprietress at Arcanum Works.

You will LOVE this hands-on workshop series in Practical Magick! Learn how to create your own spells using the power of magickal botanicals and the heavens!

In this 'make and take' workshop series, we will learn practical magick modalities such as candle magick, poppets, sigilry, mojo bags, and more. And to really make your mojo pop, you will be casting your handcrafted, personalized spell based on lunar and astrological timing. This, when combined with magickal herbalism, allows you to harness the power of both the Earth AND the Cosmos! 

Every workshop is created to do magick that serves the precise lunar and astrological aspect of when the class is taking place. You will be doing magick that is written in the stars!

Each workshop begins with a lecture and Q&A on magick and the project at hand, followed by teacher demonstration and the ritually charged creation of your magickal spell object within a consecrated magick circle. 

You get: all supplies to create your spell and take home, handouts to take home, and an amazing time spent with your highly experienced and super friendly teachers, as well other like-minded Witches and Seekers. 

$35 per 'make & take' workshop

Saturdays 1-3pm; 1 per month; limit 9 students; 90-120 minutes per workshop

SCHEDULE OF DATES AND TOPICS. Sign up to be alerted when each workshop opens for enrollment and full workshop descriptions!

FEB 29
Waxing Moon in Taurus ; MOJO BAGS

MAR 28


MAY 30
Waxing Moon in Virgo; Sigils, Amulets & Talismans

Waxing Moon in Virgo; Bath Magick (make enchanted bath salts for spells)

Waxing Moon in Libra; Honey Jars & Spell Boxes

AUG 29
Waxing Moon in Capricorn; Magickal Botanicals: Herbs, Oils & Resins (make your own magick formula)

Waxing Moon in Aquarius; Basics of Planetary Magick

OCT 17
Waxing Moon in Scorpio; Witch Balls

NOV 14
New Moon in Scorpio; Crystal Magick & Grids

DEC 19
Waxing Moon in Pisces; Witch Bottles



'Life is Tragic without Magick'
409 Main Street, Butler, NJ

tell me when it's ready!

tell me when it's ready!

tell me when it's ready!

tell me when it's ready!

Our Butler, NJ Location 


CLASSES LAUNCH spring 2020!

weekend witchery workshop

MODERN WITCHCRAFT 101: A Year and Day in the Life of the Witch

Taught by long-time Witch Fiona Duncan, you will discover a whole new way of living and being while befriending other like-minded Witches in our warm and inviting community. You will come to know Fiona very well as she mentors you through this year-long program, making herself available to you between monthly classes to answer questions and for support.

This live, in-person course is the foundation of your Witchcraft practice! It will encourage you to take command of your own power and walk the Path of the Witch. Learn the core principles and practices of modern Witchcraft through time-honored traditions and techniques. Open your mind, expand your consciousness and raise your spirit. Develop a solid foundation for your magickal and spiritual studies as you begin your journey in Fiona's 12 month fundamental "101' course.  

This course is appropriate for both the neophyte and moderately experienced. If you are brand new to the Craft, this course was made for you! If you are familiar with but have not yet mastered many practices, or feel you need a 'refresher', this course is also for you. You will learn a vast array of topics in this info-packed course from history to energy work to magick, many Witchcraft basics, karma and past lives and so much more! A full syllabus will be provided during the first class. 

Students in this program are provided with a grimoire—the Witch’s book of knowledge, which for the purposes of this course, is a divided binder into which each month’s lessons and assignments are housed. All handouts and materials are included in the course fee. 

This course meets monthly & requires the full year commitment to gain the most benefit. The student/initiate who has committed to the program may leave the group/course at any time if they feel the Craft is not their path. 

$29 per class monthly ($348 for the year). $299 if paid in full (save $49!)

Saturdays 1-3pm; 1 per month; limit 9 students; 90-120 minutes per class

SCHEDULE OF DATES; Topics will be released during first class with syllabus. Sign up to be alerted when the course opens for enrollment!
MAY 16 
JUNE 13 
AUG 8 
SEPT 12 
OCT 10 
NOV 21  
DEC 12 



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