"Fantastic course, worth every penny. I have taken my magickal practice to a whole level. I've learned why my magick wasn't fully working, and in doing so, have halted negative thoughts and patterns that were hindering my power and my life.

I am now manifesting like crazy!"

Danny L.

"Thank you doesn't begin to cover how grateful I am. I have learned many new magickal skills, honed skills I already have, and gained a renewed belief in my own power and ability to make change happen. 

If Witchcraft is your spiritual path, so should be The Magickal Path." 

Greg c.

"I have experienced such remarkable change in my life now that I have clarified my spiritual path. I feel amazingly powerful and the most wondrous thing I have manifested is a greater sense of self and purpose.

aradia a.

polly M.

"All I can say is my world is indeed changing! I've never felt more in tune with myself and in alignment as I do now, the evidence for which lies in all the amazing things I am manifesting--things I have struggled with attaining before.

Fiona has been an inspirational mentor and teacher. I'm so happy and have so much hope!"

"The course was amazing! It taught me why my spells often failed, and what to do about it.

I am feeling SO confident in my magickal abilities and am seeing many results thanks to this course!" 

brigida x.

"I love the daily spiritual practice I have learned here. It starts and grounds my day beautifully, aligning me with synchronistic energies that make my magick work."

roseann k.

Cheryl & Jabbar M.

"What we learned was the missing link in our practice. As eclectic witches practicing together for many years, this course was pivotal in shaking things up quite a bit. The rut we had fallen into has disappeared and what we are manifesting in our mundane and our spiritual lives is amazing!"

Thank you, Fiona, for opening the door to new realms and possibilities!


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