"I feel like I went to an Ivy League school for Witchcraft! I have learned what I believe I was born to do and I’m discovering my true, authentic self. You just can't put a price that! I’m sad that the course is over, but there are no goodbyes--I have made new and incredibly wise friends in my teachers at The Magickal Path, and I love how you, Head Mistress Fiona, have set this up so we can go back to the course again and again. I will always appreciate my experience here so very much."

ash a.

"Thank you doesn't begin to cover how grateful I am. I have learned many new magickal skills, honed skills I already have, and gained a renewed belief in my own power and ability to make change happen. 

If Witchcraft is your spiritual path, so should be The Magickal Path." 

Greg c.

"I have experienced such remarkable change in my life now that I have clarified my spiritual path. I feel amazingly powerful and the most wondrous thing I have manifested is a greater sense of self and purpose.

ann a.

polly M.

"All I can say is my world is indeed changing! I've never felt more in tune with myself and in alignment as I do now, the evidence for which lies in all the amazing things I am manifesting--things I have struggled with attaining before.

Fiona has been an inspirational mentor and teacher. I'm so happy and have so much hope!"

maria M.

"Hi Fiona! First, I want to express how grateful I am to have stumbled on to the Magickal Path website. Second, a heart felt thank you to you, Jennifer, Nichole, Tree & Melissa for offering this course. I've taken a paid course on Magick that did not explain the basic fundamentals of practice, ritual and ceremony so thoroughly. I enjoyed all the lessons and I especially enjoyed Nichole's 'Alchemist's Eye' lesson. This I believe is the foundation of what will bring out the best in my Magickal life. I look forward to taking other courses from the Magickal Path. Blessings"

I absolutely love and adore The Magickal Path School of Witchcraft. All of the instructors are kind and caring and do a wonderful job connecting with students and make them feel understood, heard, and part of the community. I am so very grateful to be part of The Magickal Path and to be connected with such beautiful souls. This is indeed, a community I feel a part of.

Krys B.

"I love the daily spiritual practice I have learned here. It starts and grounds my day beautifully, aligning me with synchronistic energies that make my magick work."

roseann k.

Cheryl & Jabbar M.

"What we learned was the missing link in our practice. As eclectic witches practicing together for many years, this course was pivotal in shaking things up quite a bit. The rut we had fallen into has disappeared and what we are manifesting in our mundane and our spiritual lives is amazing!"

Thank you, Fiona, for opening the door to new realms and possibilities!

ami D.

"I mostly wanted to say thank you for offering this course. I can tell all of the teachers put a lot of time and effort into each lesson and all the activities. I was amazed that I got a personalized response to everything I posted with words of encouragement, ways to deepen my practice, or work with a problem. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in getting their feet wet with being a witch. It helped me understand my relationship to magic, nature, and energy. I also feel like it was very down to earth and helped me understand concepts without the woo or fluff. Thanks so much and best of luck!"


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