~ Alchemy coaching ~

Book an intuitive alchemy session with Nichole Beamer and she will walk you through the process of Mercurial Shadow work!

Together, you will dive into the areas of life where you are struggling - finances, relationships, career, etc. - and work to uncover the core beliefs and thought patterns that might be keeping you stuck.

This powerful mindset work will allow you to break the chains that hold you fixed so that you can show up in FULL, as your whole self!

This is a process of exploration and deep fulfillment and Nichole will support you in every way possible, holding space as you work to clear old identities and call up the gorgeous witch that you are, here and now! 

The 90 minute intensive includes a Full Clearing and Affirmative Practice. Nichole will assist you in clearing shadows and helps you to alchemize your beliefs through positive affirmative work and ritual to achieve massive success. 

The 45 minute clearing includes a Full Clearing and suggestions for DIY Affirmative work. Nichole will assist you in clearing shadow and help you make a plan for alchemizing on your own to achieve massive success.

Get a Professional Astrology or Tarot Reading, or an Alchemy Coaching Session with a Member of Our Faculty!

Do you feel blocked or stuck in some area of your life? Do you try and try yet nothing ever seems to change?

Uncover the core beliefs and thought patterns that keep you stuck.

Break the chains that hold you fixed so that you can show up in FULL. 

Be your whole self.

Dive deep into shadow work and discover your joy!

intuitive alchemy sessions

90 Minute Intensive (includes clearing & affirmative work): $222


**Space is limited for these, so if you feel called to connect with Nichole, choose your session with her now!

45 Minute Clearing (includes clearing & suggestions for DIY affirmative work): $111

with Nichole Beamer

Click the link to the session of your choice, and you will be directed to Nichole's calendar. Here you will choose the time and day for your appointment. After doing so, you will have access to our payment portal, and will then be directed into an information portal. You will also receive an email from Nicole‘s calendar booking system with the zoom link for your upcoming alchemy session.

~ divination services ~

Tarot readings

Tarot is a centuries-old form of divination that originated in Renaissance Italy. It is best known for its use in predicting outcomes, however, it can also be used as a tool for personal transformation and deep self-knowledge.

When a Tarot reading looks at the ‘bigger picture’ and seeks answers for what has yet to come, the cards show us cause and effect relationships and circumstances. This is the predictive aspect of tarot, and is what it is most famed for.

As a tool for self-understanding, tarot helps us to explore our life, problems, the events that happen to us, and the feelings we experience. It offers insight into our unconscious and conscious selves, and as such, makes an excellent shadow work tool.

Tarot is a tool for you to attain knowledge that serves your own highest good! 

Book your Tarot Reading now with Rhonda and learn more about your relationships, to receive advice about a certain issue, or to get a better understanding of what’s going on within you and in your external circumstances.

Do you have questions about something in your life? 

Are you unclear about the current path you are on, or if it's the right one? 

Are you wondering about a relationship, your job, your health, your homelife?

Is change on the horizon? When will it happen?

Gain Divine knowledge and be empowered to make the changes you need to succeed!

with Rhonda Alin

Click a link below to BOOK your reading with Rhonda's special Magickal Path rates

30 minutes $60

60 minutes $120

45 minutes $90 

Upon payment you will be guided into an information portal where you will be given pertinent info and instructions about your reading and setting your Zoom video or phone appointment with Rhonda.

Do you know what your soul is here to experience and what it really desires?

Do you really know your "Self"?

Explore the Cosmos to come home to yourself! Discover the Universe as it stood on the day you were born and learn your gifts, your path and your purpose.

Transform your life using your Divine Blueprint and embody new self awareness. 

Work with me 1-1, and through my unique method of Intuitive Transformational Astrology Reading, you will be guided into the next phase of your journey and your destiny.​

transformational astrology readings

"Transformational Astrology" is so much more than an ordinary natal chart reading; it is about discovering your soul's true purpose. 

The planetary alignment at the time of your birth created a sort of 'road map' of who you are. It is a guide that shows you who you are meant to be.

Having this 'roadmap', which is actually a snapshot of the Universe at the time of your birth, can help guide you through your soul's journey. It can help you to align with what you are here to experience, thereby opening a world of possibilities, success, and joy to you.  

During Our Session We Will:

~ Discover your Sun, Moon, Rising Sign and understand the Ruler of your chart

~ Identify the placements of your North and South Nodes and what that means for you in both this lifetime and past lives

~ Examine the North Node in your chart to discover the major archetypes and energies that  explain this lifetime's experience 

~ Understand South Node karmic energies from past lives that affect your journey in this one

~ Identify dominant gifts and abilities within you according to your chart

~ Study the 4th and 10th houses to understand how they influence your work and home life

~ Harness the power of Black Moon Lilith by understanding its placement in your chart

~ Explore Chiron in your chart to heal core wounds and how your unique energy works with it

~ Discover your gifts of wisdom, poetry, arts, crafts, and intellect in this lifetime through Pallas, the 'asteroid of wisdom'.

Who you are is written in the stars! Book your private Intuitive Transformational Astrology Reading with me now!

Upon payment you will be guided into an information portal where you will be given pertinent info and instructions about your reading and setting your Zoom video appointment with Aradia.

Book your 90 minute reading here  $150

Includes a copy of your natal chart, a PDF guide to your reading, AND a video recording of your reading for you to refer to again and again! 

Note: YOU MUST KNOW YOUR DATE, PLACE AND TIME OF BIRTH! Your astrological natal chart cannot be created without this info. 

with Aradia Arcanum

Book your 90 minute reading here 
2 Payments $75 x 2 months

“My reading was awesome! Eerily accurate and so fascinating! I learned a lot about myself while at the same time confirming things I innately knew. Overall, the reading helped me to realize more about myself on a soul level and validated to me that I'm on my true path. I feel more confident and excited to continue working toward my goals, knowing they are part of my own personal Divine Plan. And I loved Aradia! She's so sweet.“ ~Jennifer G.

~ Praise for Aradia's Transformational Astrology Readings ~