Buying yourself a gift card is a great way to 'save up' for that course you've been dying to take!

show that special someone how much you believe in them by gifting them with a magickal surprise! 

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for yourself or someone you love!

Gift cards from The Magickal Path are a great way to show the wonderful Witch in your life how much you care and believe in them!

Our digital gift cards are redeemable through the card's redemption code number, your phone number or your email address. Please know that the dollar value of your gift card can never decrease, however, we do ask that it be redeemed within 14 months. 

PURCHASER INSTRUCTIONS: Simply choose a dollar amount, follow the prompts and you're done! Your recipient will automatically receive your gift in their email inbox either immediately, or on the date that you specifically schedule. You will then receive email confirmation of your gift card purchase. 

RECIPIENT INSTRUCTIONS: Locate the email from us that contains your digital gift card (it will be titled Gift Cards from THE MAGICKAL PATH) and immediately pick up the phone and thank the awesome person who sent it to you! Next, choose your course, email Fiona, and tell her what it is. She will personally contact you via phone or email (your choice) to welcome you to The Magickal Path (we are all about 1-1 contact and personal attention!) She will then give you immediate access to your course. You may make a split payment if your gift card doesn't quite cover the cost of the course. Also, you may apply any unused funds toward future courses if your gift amount exceeds the cost of your course (thank you for understanding that we cannot refund unused dollar amounts). 

Purchase your gift card now and get ready to feel the love from the one you love !

Questions? email fiona. She will reply in 24 hours or sooner.

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