Tarot readings

Tarot is a centuries-old form of divination that originated in Renaissance Italy. It is best known for its use in predicting outcomes, however, it can also be used as a tool for personal transformation and deep self-knowledge.

When a Tarot reading looks at the ‘bigger picture’ and seeks answers for what has yet to come, the cards show us cause and effect relationships and circumstances. This is the predictive aspect of tarot, and is what it is most famed for.

As a tool for self-understanding, tarot helps us to explore our life, problems, the events that happen to us, and the feelings we experience. It offers insight into our unconscious and conscious selves, and as such, makes an excellent shadow work tool.

Tarot is a tool for you to attain knowledge that serves your own highest good! 

Book your Tarot Reading now with Rhonda and learn more about your relationships, to receive advice about a certain issue, or to get a better understanding of what’s going on within you and in your external circumstances.

Do you have questions about something in your life? 

Are you unclear about the current path you are on, or if it's the right one? 

Are you wondering about a relationship, your job, your health, your homelife?

Is change on the horizon? When will it happen?

Gain Divine knowledge and be empowered to make the changes you need to succeed!

with Rhonda Alin

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Want to learn how to read the Tarot yourself?

Click here to check out Rhonda's live online tarot courses, her Tarot Reading Proficiency Diploma Program, and her independent study tarot video courses!

Get a tarot reading with Magickal Path tarot instructor Rhonda Alin!

Rhonda is a highly experienced professional cartomancer. Her readings are intuitive, spirit-led and uncannily accurate. She reads for clients so they may gain perspective, validation, and insight which helps them to solve problems and feel confident about their decisions and the direction their lives are taking. 

She purchased her first deck of divination cards at age 12 and fell in love with both the imagery and the messages she found in them. Over time, her focus shifted toward Tarot, and she began her formal study of the cards more than 30 years ago. While she is adept at and practices several forms of divination including crystal ball scrying, charm casting and pendulum reading, cartomancy is her love.

Rhonda is also the founder of Northern New Jersey Tarot, a cartomancy study group that welcomes all levels of Tarot learners, and features workshops with notable guest instructors and authors of Tarot. Rhonda continues her own Tarot studies with some of the most respected and accomplished readers, authors and deck designers in the Tarot community.

Rhonda currently offers private, in-person and virtual readings, and is sought-after to read at corporate and private events. She also regularly attends and presents at annual international Tarot conferences. She is also a contributing author in 'Scorpio Witch', part of Llewellyn's 'The Witch's Sun Sun' book series.

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