Fiona goes above and beyond teaching. She shares her own vulnerabilities and creates a safe space for her students to do the same, and to explore and learn in an organic, almost socratic way. I completed WoW 101 and am nearing the end of my personalized 1-1 study of planetary magick in WoW 201. I am looking forward to my deep study of the Moon for my second round of WAY OF THE WITCH 201!

 Margaret McNellis, author: The Red Fletch

"Thank you doesn't begin to cover how grateful I am. I have learned many new magickal skills, honed skills I already have, and gained a renewed belief in my own power and ability to make change happen. 

If Witchcraft is your spiritual path, so should be The Magickal Path." 

Greg c.

"I have experienced such remarkable change in my life now after working with Fiona in her 101 program. The changes that have happened in me and in my life are remarkable. I feel amazingly powerful and the most wondrous thing I have manifested (I've manifested a lot of material things this year!) is a greater sense of self and purpose.

ann a.

polly M.

"All I can say is my world is indeed changing! I've never felt more in tune with myself and in alignment as I do now, the evidence for which lies in all the amazing things I am manifesting--things I have struggled with attaining before.

Fiona has been an inspirational mentor and teacher. I'm so happy and have so much hope!"

maria M.

"Hi Fiona! First, I want to express how grateful I am to have stumbled on to the Magickal Path website. Second, a heart felt thank you and the teachers for offering this course. I've taken a paid course on Magick that did not explain the basic fundamentals of practice, ritual and ceremony so thoroughly. I enjoyed all the lessons and I especially enjoyed Nichole's 'ALCHEMIST'S EYE' mini-course. This I believe is the foundation of what will bring out the best in my Magickal life. I look forward to taking other courses from the Magickal Path. Blessings"

I absolutely love and adore The Magickal Path School of Witchcraft. All of the instructors are kind and caring and do a wonderful job connecting with students and make them feel understood, heard, and part of the community. I am so very grateful to be part of The Magickal Path and to be connected with such beautiful souls. This is indeed, a community I feel a part of.

Sarah T.

"I love the daily spiritual practice I have learned here. It starts and grounds my day beautifully, aligning me with synchronistic energies that make my magick work. Working with Fiona has been a blessing to me."

roseann k.

ami D.

"I mostly wanted to say thank you for offering these courses. I can tell all of the teachers put a lot of time and effort into each lesson and all the activities. I was amazed that I got a personalized response to everything I posted with words of encouragement, ways to deepen my practice, or work with a problem. I would definitely recommend The Magickal Path to anyone who want s to learn Witchcraft. It helped me understand my relationship to magic, nature, and energy. I also feel that the teachers and instruction are very down to earth and helped me understand concepts without the woo or fluff. Thank you so much!"

ash b.

"I feel like I went to an Ivy League school for Witchcraft! I have learned what I believe I was born to do and I’m discovering my true, authentic self. You just can't put a price that! I’m sad that my course is over, but there are no goodbyes--I have made new and incredibly wise friends in my teachers at The Magickal Path, and I love how you, Head Mistress Fiona, have set this up so we can go back to the course again and again. I will always appreciate my experience here so very much."

vicki b.

"The courses I took through the Magick Path were clearly put together with a lot of thought and insight. I believe the classes are a professional presentation of many aspects of witchcraft and provided the information with sensitivity. I felt the presenters were very knowledgeable about their subject matter and I appreciated developing a connection with the director of the school, Fiona, and at least one of the teachers. Thank you!"

robin g.

"As a storyteller myself, I loved the way "THE WITCH'S YEAR: Sabbats—Days Of Celebration, Power & Magick For The Eclectic Witch" tells the story of each celebration. In my practice I think it's really important to understand and learn the roots of all my rituals and this course gave me a very clear and detailed picture of the traditions and significance behind the Witch's Sabbat year. I'm also someone who likes to create my own practices and these lessons gave me the space and the tools to create and be imaginative within the Sabbats. After taking the course, I feel organized and ready to embrace each upcoming celebration. And on top of the great materials, Fiona's guidance and support helped me feel confident to embrace my intuition and imagination as a witch."

lorraine a.

Growing up in a strict Roman Catholic home, and then returning to Christianity again in my late 20’s (going to church, bible studies, etc), I found that people in the church were not always the nice, kind, and safe people that I had thought them to be. I was struggling with my faith and its doctrines, and was searching for what I didn’t know at the time, would be found at The Magickal Path.

To make a long story short, I met Fiona online through the The Magickal Path's free course, and we chatted a few times about my struggles. She was always so kind and caring and very patient. Despite loving the lessons in the free course, old fears about things I had learned in the church began to come up, such as any path other than Christianity was of the work of Satan (which of course we know is just not true).

As it turns out, I found everything I needed at The Magickal Path. I am finding myself, and I’m not afraid anymore. I’m so excited to be on this journey, to work with Fiona and the teachers, and to take the courses. And I’m meeting the nicest people along the way!

Thank you so much Fiona, for helping me find the answers to so many questions I’ve had. I can’t wait to learn and grow more!  

lorraine A.

praise for the "finding your path through the cards" tarot series

Working with Fiona is the best decision I’ve ever made. The Magickal Path has completely changed my life and brought me endless happiness. Fiona is kind, patient, and funny. She has a big personality, and she is absolutely lovely to talk to. Fiona has endless wisdom and genuinely wants to see all her students grow into their power. She is always willing to work with her students to help them grow in their own perfect ways. Fiona never imposes her own spiritual beliefs or insists that there is ever only one way to do things, but instead guides her students to transform into who they truly are, magickal and powerful.

When I started, I was scared of everything. I was raised as a “fire and brimstone” Christian, and magick was absolutely out of the question. However, I always felt drawn to it. At age 16, my love for magick had only grown stronger. I started Googling “how to do magic.” I’m sure you can imagine all the fun and silly things that came up! One day, I stumbled upon a witchcraft course. I was terrified at the word “witchcraft,” but when I read more on the website, I realized witchcraft wasn’t at all what I was taught. Since then, I researched more and more and finally dabbled a little with sigils and spells. Still, I felt like it wasn’t enough. I knew there was so much more for me to learn, but the information was strewn all over the internet, a lot of it confusing and conflicting, and I had no idea where to start.

At age 21, I was still trying to figure out the whole “magick” thing. In fact, I was still so afraid that I was still scared of the dark! Nothing I had tried had helped with my fear or with growing my magick. As fate would have it, I tried one more Google search for “Witchcraft Course,” and I stumbled upon the Magickal Path. The school had only been live for a couple of months when I first discovered it, but I could already see that it was everything I had been looking for. WAY OF THE WITCH, the school's flagship program, was the only course I’d ever found that taught a solid foundation for magick instead of teaching little bits on specific topics here and there. I was amazed to learn that the program also came with personalized one-on-one coaching sessions with the witch teacher herself, Fiona. I signed up as soon as possible!

WAY OF THE WITCH has been so much fun! Who knew school could be fun? The course is set up so that each month you focus on a specific topic and multiple subtopics. At the end of the month, there is a fun project to do so that you can actually practice magick while you learn. The order of each section makes complete sense, and it all flows together seamlessly. At the end of each lesson, you get to chat with Fiona and ask her any questions you may have. You also get to have great witchy conversations about all things relating to life and the Craft, which is not only fun and beyond interesting, it's rare!

It’s clear that Fiona genuinely wants to help each student learn and grow. I think the way she has set up each month and the course overall makes perfect sense for the budding witch. I promise you will be amazed by how much you will learn. Even through all my independent learning, there was still so much that I didn’t know. This course took my Craft to the next level - more like the next 10 levels. I am so grateful for everything I’ve learned.

I am now 24 and my life has drastically changed since I began WAY OF THE WITCH. When I started, I was scared and uncertain of everything. Nothing was going my way. I grew up in an abusive household, and my family still had a strong hold on me. I had no financial freedom, I was in an abusive relationship, and I had terrible friends, so of course, I was extremely anxious and depressed. 

Through completing the program, I have grown in knowledge, wisdom, strength and confidence. This has given me the courage to release ties with my abusive family, gain financial freedom, gain spiritual independence, find a wonderful partner and build a long lasting relationship, surround myself with lovely friends, and have come into myself as a sovereign, powerful witch.

I am no longer scared - I am brave, and I know that I am always the most powerful being in the room. And at 24, I own a home, the downpayment for it being gifted to me. This is one of the biggest manifestations I've had since starting WAY OF THE WITCH. I now live in a beautiful house surrounded by nature, and I am happy and grateful every day. I just got a new job that is perfect for me, and I have full freedom to be as magickal and witchy as I want without anyone putting me down for it or trying to scare me out of it. I am surrounded by the love and support I’ve been dreaming of for the past 24 years. This is all due to the teachings and caring support of the wonderful witch and teacher, Fiona Duncan.

I cannot recommend Fiona and WAY OF THE WITCH enough. I am eternally grateful that Fiona is my teacher. Even though I have graduated from the program, we have and will always remain connected. This is priceless to me.

I hope you choose her to be your teacher as well. I promise that if your goal is to grow into a powerful, sovereign witch, you won’t regret it!

~Fey R.

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