melissa M.

I have been an innate witch since birth but wanted to return to the basics as I transition into Cronehood and revisit with 5 decades of life experience behind me. I was not let down! The Way of the Witch was worthy in every way, with suggestions for introspection, thought, and experimental action at every juncture. Fiona’s honest conversations were imperative to gaining clarity on my obstacles and reaffirming my power to make better choices and meaningful magick. Fiona, thank you being such an open book, for listening and sharing, for insight and encouragement. You are a brave and sensitive soul. I am grateful I found you. Thank you with all my heart & soul!

"I am so thankful to have come across this course and am amazed at the amount of effort that went into it. Fiona was genuinely interested in getting to know me and furthering my growth. Thanks to this course I am finally back on track with a daily practice that I am sticking with and look forward to each day. I feel more grateful and at peace within myself than I have in a long time. I can't  thank Fiona enough."

nicole H.

"I am so glad I found you and signed up for your WoW101, Fiona! I don't know how I even existed prior to taking it. All the little pieces and scraps of Witchcraft that I already knew, combined with your amazing knowledge and never-ending guidance, all fell together to enlighten the path I was born to walk. For that, I can't thank you enough! You are my lighthouse, a hand that's holding a bright candle in a dark night. Thank you for everything you do." 

joanna H.

robin g.

"As a storyteller myself, I loved the way "THE WITCH'S YEAR: Sabbats—Days Of Celebration, Power & Magick For The Eclectic Witch" tells the story of each celebration. In my practice I think it's really important to understand and learn the roots of all my rituals and this course gave me a very clear and detailed picture of the traditions and significance behind the Witch's Sabbat year. I'm also someone who likes to create my own practices and these lessons gave me the space and the tools to create and be imaginative within the Sabbats. After taking the course, I feel organized and ready to embrace each upcoming celebration. And on top of the great materials, Fiona's guidance and support helped me feel confident to embrace my intuition and imagination as a witch."

Author: Ode to My First Car, A Million Quiet Revolutions, Blue Blood. Dear Mothman, Honeysuckle and Our Lady of Perpetual Degeneracy; Creator and instructor of ENCHANTED INCANTATIONS course

"Enchanted Incantations" has been one of my most cherished courses I have taken! The course was taught with love for words and in a professional, easy to understand method. Using the tools Robin illustrated in each lesson were eye and heart opening. Poetry always felt as if it were an art form for others, and that I would never be able to write a poem. This course taught me that it is possible and magickal. My previous ritual and spell writings were quiet and subdued. Now, I can send the beautiful words out with volume and fullness. Using alluring words to manifest the power of rituals and spells will be implemented with appreciation for this wonderful course.

brenna m.

"I have experienced such remarkable change in my life now after working with Fiona in her 101 program. The changes that have happened in me and in my life are remarkable. I feel amazingly powerful and the most wondrous thing I have manifested (I've manifested a lot of material things this year!) is a greater sense of self and purpose.

ann a.

chachanna s.

"I am so happy I found this program! I can’t believe my year in WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 101 has gone by so quickly! When I was just starting on this path, I was curious about witches and witchcraft. Let me be clear... I knew NOTHING about this journey, but the lessons, which are SO detailed, and the mentorship from Fiona, who is so amazingly supportive, makes me say without a doubt, that I am now a powerful witch! The knowledge and confidence you gain over the course of the year is priceless. I am so happy that I took this course! Fiona, I so appreciate the work you did in putting this program together. Your support during this year has been amazing!"

"Fiona, the one-on-one time I have spent with you is priceless, and is what sets The Magickal Path courses apart from the rest. I am extremely thankful that the universe blessed us with your being. I am grateful for your willingness to assist me, and for all of the knowledge and positivity I have gained from you. You are a very special witch and an exceptional human being.

jack c.

"Fiona, finding you and your course has changed my life. I've finally allowed myself to step into my personal power for the very first time. I cannot overstate how much amazing change has happened as a direct result of your course and your wonderful teaching and advice. I am ready to keep pushing myself to grow!"

andie a.

jennifer s.

Thank you so much for this class! I've spent so much money on books and individual study but this has been the most practical and affirming. The biggest takeaway for me is that being a Witch is not necessarily Wiccan (and vice versa). Being free to challenge, discover, take what resonates and leave the rest and in dialogue with others - I was about to give up but now feel excited and invigorated to move forward.

"I absolutely love and adore The Magickal Path School of Witchcraft. Fiona is so kind and caring. I really feel connected to her because I feel understood and heard. I loved working with her and have learned and grown so much as a result." 

Sarah T.

"I love the Witchcraft practice I have created through taking Way of the Witch. It's been a life-changing experience. I had no idea how deep and powerful this path could be--it's radically changed everything in my life for the better. Working with Fiona has been a blessing to me."

roseann k.

ami D.

"Fiona put a lot of time and effort into each lesson and all the activities and practices in the course. I was amazed by how personalized the course becomes through working with Fiona, who always supported me with words of encouragement, ways to deepen my practice, or how to work out a problem. She helped me understand my relationship to magick, nature, and energy. I also feel that the instruction and content was very down to earth and without the woo or fluff. I would definitely recommend Fiona and The Magickal Path to anyone who wants to learn Witchcraft. Thank you so much!"

"I really like how Fiona presents STELLAR through the lens of Practical Magick, and her unique approach to learning how to "get to know the planets" is very powerful. I really felt connected to each planet I worked with, and I know I manifested things related to each one sometimes through spellwork, and other times without even trying! I think that is the best part about "developing a relationship with the planets", as Fiona calls it. Once you are in sync with and energetically aligned with a planet, it's like magick is happening all the time. I also enjoyed becoming quite good with candle magick. I am SO impressed, not just with this amazing course and Fiona, but also with MYSELF!"

andy K.

"What we learned was the missing link in our practice. As eclectic witches practicing together for many years, Fiona's guidance was pivotal in shaking things up quite a bit. The rut we had fallen into has disappeared and what we are manifesting in our mundane and our spiritual lives is amazing! Thank you, Fiona, for opening the door to new realms and possibilities!!"

cara & Jabbar M.

sandra k

"Fiona goes above and beyond teaching in MAGE. She shares her own personal experiences with her magick and its results, which not only created a deeper connection between us, it made the concepts I was learning easier to understand. Plus, she's a really fun person, too. Fiona's Strategic Spellcasting Technique is amazing--it's 'the place where common sense meets the mystical'. We actually created a flowchart showing all the spells I needed to cast in order to achieve this 'big' goal of mine, the celestial energies and other correspondences I was to work with, and even the day and time I was to cast each one right down to the hour! It was amazing! My 'big' goal was to move into a larger and nicer home. Within eight months of completing the program and all the spellwork, it happened! The energies aligned and the perfect place for me at this time in my life came to me---including the money I needed to help me finance it! Even more amazing and important, I gained so much confidence in myself and my magickal ability. This to me is priceless! Although I've taken all the programs Fiona offers and have developed quite the witchcraft and magick practice, I'm hoping she creates another advanced level course soon. I love working with her that much! 

 "I feel like I went to an Ivy League school for Witchcraft! I have learned what I believe I was born to do and I’m discovering my true, authentic self. You just can't put a price that! I’m sad that my course is over, but there are no goodbyes. I will always appreciate my experience here so very much."

ash B.

"Working with Fiona was an amazing experience. She was so giving of her time and she really cared about my progress. I've learned so much during my year with her about my Witchcraft and magickal practice--it has been amazing! But even more so, I really learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of. If you are a Witch and are trying to find your path, work with Fiona in WAY OF THE WITCH." 

david M.

sandra B.

"Fiona is a caring and knowledgeable teacher and coach. The year I spent in Way of the Witch with her was an invaluable experience. It was pivotal in how my life has changed for the better, not just in my Witchcraft practice, but even more importantly, in my everyday life. Her program claims that you will be 'Authentic, Successful and Sovereign' and that you will 'Live An Empowered, Magickal Life Through The Practice Of Solitary Eclectic Witchcraft'. All I have to say is that it's TRUE, if you do the work and let Fiona guide you! What Fiona teaches puts in you in the driver's seat in your life, not only as a Witch and magician, but as a powerful person. My life is so different now with so many wonderful things happening all the time!"

"I have developed a very close relationship with Fiona and I absolutely love her! She is genuine, warm and totally invested in her students' spiritual growth and magickal achievement. Every lesson in WAY OF THE WITCH was crucial in my learning how to understand exactly what Witchcraft is and how to harness my power. There has been a dramatic shift in my energy--I feel so powerful!"

michaela m.

"I've taken other Witchcraft 101 courses in the past both online and in person. This course has the basics the other courses had, but went way beyond and covered more about magick than the others, including other esoteric topics I'd really been wanting to learn about. WAY OF THE WITCH is definitely the most in-depth 101 I've come across. Working with Fiona personally was amazing and such a rare thing with online courses. Really loved everything about it!"

allen c

mary b.

There is no way I wouldn't enroll in WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 201! 

The year I spent with Fiona in the 101 went by so quickly, yet so much happened! Because I was just starting on this path, I really wanted to find a program that was going to take me through step by step in a logical way, and without the 'woo'. Fiona's 101 program turned out to be exemplary, and just what I needed. My biggest takeaway from the 101 is the empowerment I now feel and the belief that I can make things happen for myself: I manifested not only a job that is more aligned with my soul and purpose, but a great new place to live by using all I learned in the 101 and Fiona's spell casting technique. I am also living a life that is more soulful, purpose-driven, and just more... 'magickal'!

I was so happy and excited, I really was not ready to have this magickal journey end...

Fast forward... I enrolled in the 201 program with Fiona. I had a specific goal in mind that I wanted to see manifest. Fiona helped me to create a comprehensive plan of cosmically-timed spells that took place over the course of 3 months. Together, we created a carefully organized series of astrologically and zodiacally timed spells that were designed to open the energetic and mundane pathways that were necessary for my goal to manifest. We also planned a spell that detailed exactly what I wanted to manifest while at the same time leaving a 'window' open for the Universe to bring me something even better. Cosmic timing, perfectly worded spell intentions and the right magickal correspondences are just a few of the things Fiona's magickal expertise helped me with. 

It's been a few months since casting the spells for my goal, and I do believe it is manifesting! Things are happening in my life that prior to casting for them, were not. I am really excited about what is unfolding for me!

I love working with Fiona. I couldn't find a better teacher, mentor and friend to guide me on this exciting and magickal journey.

"Fiona, with you as my mentor, I am blessed. Not once have I ever felt I was being misguided, like I was given false information, disrespected, or anything else of the sort. Fiona, you have been the strong, dependable guiding light that was and is exactly what I need. I value and trust that the knowledge you are gifting me as my Mentor is good and true. Fiona, you have gone above and beyond for me and words cannot express how much it means to me. I appreciate this opportunity. Thank you for being you."

nix m.

"Through STELLAR, I learned how to work with the planets and create an amazing magickal practice that I really love. I got so much from this course—not only a ton of magickal knowledge and skills, but also more confidence and personal power. I was very new to magick when I started this course and was worried it might be too advanced for me. But Fiona took me by the hand and guided me through. I am amazed by all I've learned and accomplished! I will continue on this journey with Fiona in her 101 next because I know there is so much more to Witchcraft than only doing magick, plus I want to keep on working 1-1 with her. I am really so grateful for Fiona's guidance. With my new magickal knowledge and skill, I am manifesting the life and witchy lifestyle I've always wanted. Thank you, Fiona!" 

rita z.

lorraine a.

Growing up in a strict Roman Catholic home, and then returning to Christianity again in my late 20’s (going to church, bible studies, etc), I found that people in the church were not always the nice, kind, and safe people that I had thought them to be. I was struggling with my faith and its doctrines, and was searching for what I didn’t know at the time, would be found at The Magickal Path.

To make a long story short, I met Fiona online through the The Magickal Path's free course, and we chatted a few times about my struggles. She was always so kind and caring and very patient. Despite loving the lessons in the free course, old fears about things I had learned in the church began to come up, such as any path other than Christianity was of the work of Satan (which of course we know is just not true).

As it turns out, I found everything I needed at The Magickal Path. I am finding myself, and I’m not afraid anymore. I’m so excited to be on this journey, to work with Fiona and the teachers, and to take the courses. And I’m meeting the nicest people along the way!

Thank you so much Fiona, for helping me find the answers to so many questions I’ve had. I can’t wait to learn and grow more!  

"As someone who has had a lifetime interest in Witchcraft and a deep desire to learn, but didn't feel I was really 'getting it' from books, Fiona's programs are a dream come true! She is just wonderful, and made me feel safe to "come out". I have learned a lot and am so excited to keep practicing. I'm feeling more like my old self than I have in ages. I am strong and I am ready. Thank you for coming into my life when I needed you. I really, really felt lost and you have guided and helped me to find ME, and my long awaited journey. I truly can't thank you enough."Thank you so much for this gift." 

samantha f.

"The courses I took through The Magickal Path were clearly put together with a lot of thought and insight. I believe the classes are a professional presentation of many aspects of witchcraft and provided the information with sensitivity. I felt that Fiona is very knowledgeable about the subject matter, and I appreciated developing a connection with her. Thank you!"

vicki b.

Fiona goes above and beyond teaching. She shares her own vulnerabilities and creates a safe space for her students to do the same, and to explore and learn in an organic, almost socratic way. I completed WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 101 (WoW101) as well as my personalized 1-1 study of planetary magick in WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 201. I am looking forward to my second round of WAY OF THE WITCH 201!

Working through the WoW101 course with Fiona gave me a foundation to practice witchcraft and manifest a life I desire. I like to say that if energy is the currency of the Universe, emotions are the language—and the 101 taught me how to understand and utilize both to bring the magickal and mundane together and form a path I wish to walk.

In the 201 I studied planetary energy (this is now the course STELLAR: Practical Planetary Magick for the Modern Witch) and brought everything I learned in the 101 into that experience. I kicked off my 201 with a powerful burst of magickal energy and rewards from the Universe, including but not limited to more confidence and personal power, deeper understanding of my intuition, the strength to manifest my will, and more. As I continue on this journey with Fiona, I am constantly grateful for her guidance. The Magickal Path has changed my life for the better by helping me manifest the life I desire: a life filled with creativity, connection, and celebration.

 Margaret McNellis, author: The Red Fletch

I spent many years exploring and searching on my own, reading anything and everything craft related, trying to find something that not only resonated with me, but that rang true and seemed logical. In other words, the opposite of the “organized religion” I was raised with and often ‘gently force-fed’.

I always had a gut feeling that there was something that could be more fulfilling, less rigid, more FUN, and way more spiritual, without necessarily being 'religious'. Then one day, finding myself in yet another ‘wiccan shaped corner’ of the web... the idea faerie hit me... “Why not just search for a proper school of Witchcraft?”

That is when the stars finally aligned, and I found the Magickal Path. It was that same feeling when you think you have lost something forever, and then it just appears, like it was waiting to be found the whole time. Some may call it kismet, but I believe it is like Fiona said when I first made contact, “It didn’t happen by accident... you were meant to be here.” What a truly fabulous and magickal find this school is!

The Magickal Path and the Way of the Witch course is 'just the ticket' for anyone looking to gain expert knowledge, hone the skills, and gain the confidence to be able to walk their truest path with the Craft. Whether to take the first steps, or to deepen and compliment an already existing practice, this course, together with Fiona’s Fiery spirit and enthusiasm to share her knowledge and experience, will absolutely get you well on your way to living your most magickal life! And what a FUN journey it is!

A BIG sparkly thank you and cheers, Fiona! I am so very happy and blessed that I found you and The Magickal Path School! FIVE SILVER STARS!

jill F.

Imagine... it's 2020, you're in COVID lockdown, and there's a lot of soul searching and thinking you've done about your life to this point. 

You decide one day this fascination you've had with witchcraft and the occult for most of your life should become something more than simply reading books or scouring the Internet for blog posts and the like. 

You feel you've learned quite a bit from simply doing that, but you've never been, say, "brave" enough to take the step and actually form a magickal practice. Over the years, you've collected books, candles, incense, crystals... all the makings you might need to make that Fool leap over the cliff into the unknown. 

But... you're afraid you won't do it RIGHT. 

You were raised in a Catholic household, completed all the necessary Catholic rites, but this faith, this spirituality, has never felt like YOURS. Despite this, all those things you learned in Wednesday night religion classes have done a number on your perceptions. You think if you screw up with a spell, you'll summon a demon and they'll take your soul. Bit catastrophizing, yes, but if you know, you know. 

Caught up on this road block of RIGHT and CORRECT, you think you would do well with some sort of structured learning program, some method to match your need for academia and scholarship, some way you'll at least learn the basics of the Craft. So, you open up Chrome, and you google "online witch schools." The first hit you get is for a virtual Wiccan school. You sigh, already thinking this may be a fruitless search. You have nothing against Wicca whatsoever, but the formality and detailed ritual are just not for you. So, you give it another shot, and continue to scroll. That's when you see it. 

The Magickal Path. 

You click on this link, already intrigued and feeling something pushing you forward, a little soft voice at the back of your mind encouraging you toward this option. 

Once you make that click, you don't realize just how much your life will change, and you won't realize until a year has passed. 

Enter Fiona Duncan and The Magickal Path school.

In case you haven't realized it, this was the beginning of my journey towards this path.

I took painstaking care to look over every detail I could find on the website. I read and reread all Fiona had to offer a hesitant witch like me. As if I had conjured this myself, there was an offering for a 101 witchcraft course that didn't have a particular leaning, in one direction or another, just the basics of what you need to get started. I had only one concern, and a quick email to Fiona assuaged the worry. I was about to begin an online Master's degree in History, and wanted to know whether I would be able to juggle a full time job, my Master's, and the 101 course. Fiona's response came quickly.

Immediately, the vibe I felt, despite the virtual barrier, was positive and welcoming. I instantly felt this was it. This was the right choice. I think what sold me fully was the simple fact Fiona offered 1:1 coaching throughout your entire journey, promising to be there every step of the way as you come into your power and your sovereignty.

Right from the introductory call, you are drawn into Fiona's vibrant enthusiasm to do the work she was called to do. A teacher by trade, Fiona is a natural mentor and guide, and uses her skills to structure the curricula of her courses in a way that makes complete sense and is truly effective. I instantly felt a deep connection to her, like we were kindred spirits that had found each other again. Within ten minutes of that first call, I knew this was where I was meant to be. 

And so, I signed up for Way of the Witch 101.

The 101 course is a year and a day of pure enlightenment and so much tingly, magickal goodness. You learn everything you figured you would, and then some. But most importantly, you learn there isn't a WRONG way to do this work. There are the basics, a little bit of ethics, and then there is YOU. You are the key ingredient here. You are the thing that will limit you or you become the thing that will free you. WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 101 is structured just enough to deliver a wealth of information in a way that feels like a story. It was also enough to trick me into thinking I was doing the RIGHT things, but at the same time, it encouraged independence and stretching your own creativity.

I'm not going to say this work is easy. I hit a few stumbling blocks of my own throughout the year, some shadows that needed to be worked through and overcome. But not once did Fiona ever discourage me. On the contrary, our monthly coaching calls often turned into pep talks, the kind that rivaled the speeches coaches give in locker rooms when you're losing and you know if you don't get it together, this'll be the end. But I made it through! Even though Fiona had to drag me across the finish line, I completed the 101, and immediately registered for STELLAR! 

There are not enough words in the English language to describe just how much I have valued my time with The Magickal Path and with Fiona. I am more confident in developing my own spells, and I am more confident in the actual casting of spells. I've learned much about myself, and I feel I've embraced and allowed my authentic self to shine. I also know I haven't just gained a teacher, but I've also made a life long friend in Fiona. I eagerly await to see the future of The Magickal Path unfold, especially what classes Fiona has in store for us next! 

~Jennifer G.

aka J.R. Lesperance, Author, Cardinal Virtue

Working with Fiona is the best decision I’ve ever made. The Magickal Path has completely changed my life and brought me endless happiness. Fiona is kind, patient, and funny. She has a big personality, and she is absolutely lovely to talk to. Fiona has endless wisdom and genuinely wants to see all her students grow into their power. She is always willing to work with her students to help them grow in their own perfect ways. Fiona never imposes her own spiritual beliefs or insists that there is ever only one way to do things, but instead guides her students to transform into who they truly are, magickal and powerful.

When I started, I was scared of everything. I was raised as a “fire and brimstone” Christian, and magick was absolutely out of the question. However, I always felt drawn to it. At age 16, my love for magick had only grown stronger. I started Googling “how to do magic.” I’m sure you can imagine all the fun and silly things that came up! One day, I stumbled upon a witchcraft course. I was terrified at the word “witchcraft,” but when I read more on the website, I realized witchcraft wasn’t at all what I was taught. Since then, I researched more and more and finally dabbled a little with sigils and spells. Still, I felt like it wasn’t enough. I knew there was so much more for me to learn, but the information was strewn all over the internet, a lot of it confusing and conflicting, and I had no idea where to start.

At age 21, I was still trying to figure out the whole “magick” thing. In fact, I was still so afraid that I was still scared of the dark! Nothing I had tried had helped with my fear or with growing my magick. As fate would have it, I tried one more Google search for “Witchcraft Course,” and I stumbled upon the Magickal Path. The school had only been live for a couple of months when I first discovered it, but I could already see that it was everything I had been looking for. WAY OF THE WITCH, the school's flagship program, was the only course I’d ever found that taught a solid foundation for magick instead of teaching little bits on specific topics here and there. I was amazed to learn that the program also came with personalized one-on-one coaching sessions with the witch teacher herself, Fiona. I signed up as soon as possible!

WAY OF THE WITCH has been so much fun! Who knew school could be fun? The course is set up so that each month you focus on a specific topic and multiple subtopics. At the end of the month, there is a fun project to do so that you can actually practice magick while you learn. The order of each section makes complete sense, and it all flows together seamlessly. At the end of each lesson, you get to chat with Fiona and ask her any questions you may have. You also get to have great witchy conversations about all things relating to life and the Craft, which is not only fun and beyond interesting, it's rare!

It’s clear that Fiona genuinely wants to help each student learn and grow. I think the way she has set up each month and the course overall makes perfect sense for the budding witch. I promise you will be amazed by how much you will learn. Even through all my independent learning, there was still so much that I didn’t know. This course took my Craft to the next level - more like the next 10 levels. I am so grateful for everything I’ve learned.

I am now 24 and my life has drastically changed since I began WAY OF THE WITCH. When I started, I was scared and uncertain of everything. Nothing was going my way. I grew up in an abusive household, and my family still had a strong hold on me. I had no financial freedom, I was in an abusive relationship, and I had terrible friends, so of course, I was extremely anxious and depressed. 

Through completing the program, I have grown in knowledge, wisdom, strength and confidence. This has given me the courage to release ties with my abusive family, gain financial freedom, gain spiritual independence, find a wonderful partner and build a long lasting relationship, surround myself with lovely friends, and have come into myself as a sovereign, powerful witch.

I am no longer scared - I am brave, and I know that I am always the most powerful being in the room. And at 24, I own a home, the downpayment for it being gifted to me. This is one of the biggest manifestations I've had since starting WAY OF THE WITCH. I now live in a beautiful house surrounded by nature, and I am happy and grateful every day. I just got a new job that is perfect for me, and I have full freedom to be as magickal and witchy as I want without anyone putting me down for it or trying to scare me out of it. I am surrounded by the love and support I’ve been dreaming of for the past 24 years. This is all due to the teachings and caring support of the wonderful witch and teacher, Fiona Duncan.

I cannot recommend Fiona and WAY OF THE WITCH enough. I am eternally grateful that Fiona is my teacher. Even though I have graduated from the program, we have and will always remain connected. This is priceless to me.

I hope you choose her to be your teacher as well. I promise that if your goal is to grow into a powerful, sovereign witch, you won’t regret it!

~Fey R.

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