Welcome to your Sacred journey on The Magickal Path. So much is waiting for you here.

Fly with Us, Witch! 

Modern Witchcraft 


Empowerment ~ Liberation ~ Self Mastery

A Haven For

Master your craft and Empower your life through the spiritual and esoteric contexts of
Modern Witchcraft and the Magickal Arts. 

We are open to all Seekers, whether male or female, who wish to explore the path of the solitary eclectic witch.
Our online Witchcraft courses are designed for beginners as well as those with more experience.

our caring faculty is there for each and every student through Private 1-1 student-teacher contact in every course! 

We are here to guide you through your Spiritual and magickal transformation, supporting you as you
create a Life-Changing Witchcraft practice that is uniquely yours.

Master your craft and Empower your life through the spiritual and esoteric contexts of Modern Witchcraft and
the Magickal Arts. 

We are Open To All Seekers, Whether Male Or Female, Who Wish To Explore The Path Of The Solitary Eclectic Witch. 

Our online witchcraft Courses Are Designed For Beginners As Well As Those With More Experience.

Our Caring Faculty Is There For Each And Every Student through Private 1-1 Student-Teacher Contact In Every Course!

We are here to guide you through your Spiritual and magickal transformation, supporting you as you create a
life-changing Witchcraft practice that is uniquely yours.

Our 'Witch School' Offers Online Education and Community in Modern Eclectic Witchcraft and Magick

THE MAGICKAL PATH School of Witchcraft

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Each of our courses provide in-depth, professionally written, high quality content in our state-of-the-art online classroom portal, and are supported by 1-1 student/teacher interaction. In some courses you will personally meet your instructor via online video or audio chat (you choose), and will have email access to them throughout your lessons.

At The Magickal Path School, we believe nothing can replace 1-1 human interaction, and is why we make ourselves available to you. 

Because you are human you are inherently magickal, and the sacred source within you knows this to be unequivocally true. 

This inner knowing, whether ablaze with absolute certainty, or newly emerging from the shadows of your psyche, springs from your primordial Witch consciousness—that ancient energy embodied within every human, whether male or female. It is calling to you, demanding to be freed from the shadows of myth and fear, and is cosmically aligned with your soul’s purpose.

It matters not where on your spiritual path you presently may be, as it takes nothing more than this 'inner knowing' and rooted interest to study here. If you are new to the Path, there is much life-altering transformation and personal victory in store for you. You are embarking upon the ride of your life, the thrill of which compares to none, and in doing so, you will see your life miraculously change for the better, bit by bit, small step by small step. It will happen over time, and as you learn and grow, you will courageously step into the murky shadows of your own soul and discover the secrets within. In doing so, you will be divinely rewarded with treasures of both spirit and this world.

This is your great task, your karmic quest in this incarnation, for your is soul longing to be the Magickal Child the Cosmos has long since deemed.

Welcome to your unique journey on The Magickal Path. So much is waiting for you here!

Fly with Us, Witch! 

Modern Witchcraft 


Empowerment ~ Liberation ~ Self Mastery

An Online Haven For

Manifest the life of your dreams 

courses launch fall 2019!

season of the witch!

learn how to craft a Samhain (Halloween) sabbat & Magick Ritual!

Days Of Celebration, Power, and Magick For The Eclectic Witch

It's the

Create your own, bespoke ritual practices  for every Sabbat in the Witch's Year with Fiona!

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"Fiona is a caring and knowledgable teacher. Her approach to magick is unique in that she teaches you how to cultivate your powers of attraction, therefor your ability to manifest. No more lighting a candle and just hoping for the best! What Fiona teaches puts in you in the driver's seat, giving you control over your life and what you create." 

greg c.

... appreciation ...

"It's been an amazing experience at The Magickal Path. I've learned so much and have taken my practice to a whole new level! I would recommend any of the courses at The Magickal Path to anyone interested in learning from teachers who really care, and personal empowerment on every level."

andrea a.

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"I have experienced such remarkable change in my life now that I have clarified my spiritual path. I feel amazingly powerful and the most wondrous thing I have manifested is a greater sense of self and purpose. And it's amazing how things keep 'magickally' appearing, both great and small.'

randi k.

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free 7-day course!

"7 Days to Living a Witchier Life"

An introductory online mini-course in SOLITARY ECLECTIC WITCHCRAFT designed especially for the new Witch! If you are more experienced, go ahead and enroll anyway to  get a feel for our online classroom and how we do things. The best part? Headmistress Fiona personally replies to each and every question you ask in the lessons! 

Principles & Practices to Guide the New Witch

The exhilaration that I felt and continue to feel from the onset of the 7 Days to Living a Witchier Life resonates with me deeply. One to shy away from the "witch life" in the past I had many ah-ha moments throughout the seven days! Without truly realizing it, I've been living a "witch life" through my meditations, journaling, Reiki and participation in moon ceremonies over the last several years. The Magickal Path has affirmed my witch path! I am filled with deep joy, love and gratitude, Thank you! Namaste!  ~ Donna M. Reiki Master, www.energyofserenity.com 

As someone who has had a lifetime interest in Witchcraft and a deep desire to learn, but didn't feel I was really "getting it" from books, this course is a Dream come true! It truly feels like I found my home. The teachers are all wonderful, and it's a safe place to "come out". I feel like I learned a lot and am so excited to keep practicing. My only disappointment is that it was over so quickly. Thank you so much for this gift.  ~ Samantha F.

I was amazed at the amount of effort that went into this course. They went into much more depth than I was expecting with a nice variety of content, especially with this being a free course. I am so thankful to have come across it. Fiona, the headmistress, is genuinely interested in getting to know you and furthering your growth. There was no pushiness in getting you to purchase anything, but rather a willingness to serve and support. For me this actually makes me feel good about purchasing a course with them in the near future. Thanks to this course I am finally back on track with a daily practice that I am sticking with and look forward to each day.  ~ Nicole H.


Single topic courses that feature any combination of meditations, guided visualizations, audios, videos and always come with PDF lesson transcripts, notes, or workbooks. Only $33 each!

EMPOWER: Psychic Self-Defense & Embracing the Warrior Within

now enrolling!

A 6 Week Program In Mercurial Alchemy, Personal Shadow Work, And The Evolution Of Consciousness That You Can Take ANYTIME!

MERCURY RETROGRADE: Ground in Your Magick When Everything Goes "Wrong"

A 7 Week Program In Psychic Self Defense, Energy Development & Protective Magick

WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 101

Learn Witchcraft through the care and attention of  your instructor, Fiona Duncan

What if you were able to learn the Craft in service of your highest purpose?

What if you were able to break free of fears, self-doubt and authentically step into your power, both personally and magickally?

What if you no longer felt adrift, scouring the internet and myriad books, searching for the spirituality and lifestyle that you feel truly aligned with--one that gives your life purpose and meaning?

What if all it took was one person to guide and support you, so you could live like the powerful, sovereign Witch you were born to be?

What if there was a way to get all of this affordably, and structured in a way that personally suits your needs and situation? 


Fiona, with you as my mentor, I am blessed. Not once have I ever felt I was being misguided, like I was given false information, disrespected, or anything else of the sort. Fiona, you have been the strong, dependable guiding light that was and is exactly what I need. I value and trust that the knowledge you are gifting me as my Mentor is good and true. Fiona, you have gone above and beyond for me and words cannot express how much it means to me. I appreciate this opportunity. Thank you for being you.

~Krysta B. 


Hi Fiona! I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. I'm so excited to be bringing in the new year with a new me!!!! I'm feeling more like my old self than I have in ages. I am strong and I am ready. Thank you for coming into my life when I needed you. I really, really felt lost and you have guided and helped me to find ME, and my long awaited journey. I truly can't thank you enough.

~Sam F.


There are no rules in the way you practice Witchcraft, only guidelines to help you find and develop the practice that suits you, and only you. This is YOUR journey, no one else's, and it is within your power to create a spiritual and magickal path that is in alignment with your soul's purpose in this lifetime. Take what you need, discard what you do not. The Magickal Path is about helping you--most capable Witch, to wield your power and create the life of your dreams!


MODERN WITCHCRAFT: Freedom is the operative word in Modern Witchcraft. It is eclectic in nature, with no set practice or tradition, yet is by no means a hodgepodge of practices. Modern Witchcraft is a carefully crafted compilation of time-honored, globally-referenced magickal, spiritual and occult practices that have great meaning and resonance with the individual Witch. Every Modern Witch's practice is singularly his or her own, which in our opinion, is as it should be! We are your guides in helping you to hone the magickal and spiritual practice uniquely suited just to you.