Welcome to The Magickal Path School of Conscious Spirituality and Personal Transformation! 

We offer courses, workshops, and coaching programs in Eclectic Witchcraft, Magick, Tarot, and Spiritual Alchemy through personalized, professional instruction with a longtime Tarot, Alchemy, or Witchcraft teacher and coach.

Our students are important to us. Here, you are not a number.

What you'll get at The Magickal Path you won't find anywhere else: 1-1 guidance with a longtime Witch and teacher who cares about your success, and who will help you to master the keys to living on 'the magickal path' so you can experience life-changing results.

You no longer have to go it alone, scouring the internet for answers, or reading book after book without understanding how to practice your Craft or spiritual path. 

Work with us: learn how to create your own, bespoke Eclectic Witchcraft practice that resonates with you on a soul level; transform how you experience your life through Spiritual Alchemy; learn to read the Tarot like a pro, cast spells like a seasoned magician... or do it all!

Our goal is for you to be the Divine, magickal creature you know in your heart you were born to be, and to live the life you dream of - empowered, successful in your endeavors, and sovereign! 

It is our privilege to nurture your growth and to help you celebrate your achievements, every step of the way. 

I'm Fiona Duncan, a longtime Witch and professional educator. 

Through the practices of Eclectic Witchcraft, Strategic Spellcasting and Energy Work,
I guide people on their journey to self-discovery and personal empowerment.

Join me in one of my witchcraft courses or coaching programs. Learn how to be a skilled witch and masterful magician so that you can live a life that is sovereign, powerful, and spiritually aligned with your truest self.

I offer courses and coaching programs in Eclectic Witchcraft and Magick through personalized, professional curriculum and instruction. 

I will help you to master the keys to living on 'the magickal path'  so you can experience life-changing results.

My students are important to me - you are never just a number or another face in a crowded online webinar. What you'll get through working with me you won't find anywhere else: 1-1 guidance with someone who really does care about your success.

You no longer have to go it alone, scouring the internet for answers, or reading book after book without understanding how to practice your Craft or spiritual path. Work with me and learn how to create your very own bespoke Eclectic Witchcraft and magickal practice - one that actually works, supports your highest good, and resonates with you on a soul-level.

My goal is for you to be the Divine, magickal creature you know in your bones you were born to be, and to live the life you dream of - empowered, successful in your endeavors, and mostly, sovereign... meaning YOU are the creator and master of your world and life!

Personalized Magick, Tarot, and Eclectic Witchcraft Classes and Coaching Programs for Personal Empowerment, Spiritual Evolution & Radical Transformation 

Witchcraft Courses

Please note: I do NOT teach malefica.

specializing in...

Imagine having your very own Witchcraft teacher and coach.
How would that change the way you learn, and ultimately, practice your Craft?

As a professional educator, I know that learning happens best when it's an up-close and personal experience. I witnessed this every single day in my career as a public school teacher and college professor. That is why you will always have personal access to me with any course you take at The Magickal Path. 

 ~ Live Online 1-1, In-Person, and Supported Independent Study Witchcraft Courses ~

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One Student's Journey...

Working with Fiona in WAY OF THE WITCH : Witchcraft 101 Year and Day Training & Coaching Program is the best decision I’ve ever made. The Magickal Path has completely changed my life and brought me so much happiness. Fiona is kind, patient, and funny. She has a big personality, and she is absolutely lovely to talk to. She has endless wisdom and advice, and she genuinely wants to see all her students grow into their power. She is always willing to work with her students to help them grow in their own perfect ways. She does not impose her own beliefs but instead guides her students to transform into who they truly are, magickal and powerful. I cannot recommend her enough. I am eternally grateful that Fiona is my teacher, and I hope you choose her to be your teacher as well. I promise that if your goal is to be a powerful, sovereign witch, you won’t regret it!

~ Fey R.

Read Fey's full story here

CLICK HERE: course descriptions for my Witchcraft Courses and coaching programs

A Comprehensive Year-And-A-Day Training & Coaching Program In The Spiritual, Magickal And Esoteric Practices Of Eclectic Witchcraft

Level Up Your Magick And Manifest Like A Mage In This Intensive 8-Month 1-1 Online Magick Course!

A 3-Month 1-1 Magick Course Especially For The WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 101 Graduate

Tap Into The Distinctive Energies Of Each Sabbat, Do Powerful Magick And Live Deliciously In Sync With The Natural Rhythms Of Nature

The Eclectic Witch

Freedom is the operative word in Eclectic Witchcraft. It has no set practices or traditions, yet it is by no means a hodgepodge of practices.

Eclectic Witchcraft is a carefully curated compilation of time-honored, globally referenced magickal, spiritual and occult practices that have great meaning and resonance to the individual Witch.

Every Eclectic Witch's practice is singularly their own, which in my opinion, is as it should be!

There are no rules in the way you practice your Craft, only guidelines to help you develop the Witchcraft practice that suits your individual uniqueness.

This is YOUR spiritual journey, and it is your birthright to create a spiritual and magickal practice that is in alignment with your soul's purpose: take what you need, discard what you do not.

There is no dogma or hierarchy at The Magickal Path (or in Eclectic Witchcraft). Here you will learn sound energetic principles in which to craft your practice, however the way in which you ultimately practice is solely up to you. 

I am here to help you - most capable Witch, to wield your power and create the life of your dreams through positive, energy-driven, life-affirming spiritual and magickal practices. I am your guide and am dedicated to helping you create a Witchcraft, spiritual and magickal practice that is perfectly suited to just you.


Work with me and Learn How to Create Your Own Unique Eclectic Witchcraft Practice. CLICK HERE to find out how. ~ Fiona 🖤

Eclectic Witchcraft and the Eclectic Witch

tarot course series

with Special Guest Teacher & Professional tarot Reader, Rhonda Alin

CLICK HERE to view all tarot courses, class start dates & to see everything you get! 

Become a skilled reader of the Tarot!  Learn how to read the cards quickly and easily

Demystify learning this mystical practice

You'll be proficiently divining simple spreads by the end of your first course; you'll be a proficient reader of the Tarot upon completion of the series

Activate your intuition & tap into your fullest potential through this unique live, online course series and personalized instruction

A 5-Part Tarot Course Series - Tarot 101, 201, 301, 401 and 501... take just one or take them all!


A 5-Part Tarot Course Series: Tarot 101, 201, 301, 401 and 501...

Take just one, or take them all!

on the blog...

Sabbats are days of power, magick and celebration. They are our witchy holidays!

The sabbat Beltane is about the energy of creation. It celebrates the return of summer and the fertility of all things. In a modern context, Beltane is also about our creative energies - anything that we create and bring into the world is born of this energy.⁠ 


FREE Beltane Sabbat Lesson

And guess what? If you need help with your lesson I will help you personally via email! ⁠

"Fiona is a caring and knowledgeable teacher and coach. The year I spent in Way of the Witch with her was an invaluable experience. It was pivotal in how my life has changed for the better, not just in my Witchcraft practice, but even more importantly, in my everyday life. Her program claims that you will be 'Authentic, Successful and Sovereign' and that you will 'Live An Empowered, Magickal Life Through The Practice Of Solitary Eclectic Witchcraft'. All I have to say is that it's TRUE, if you do the work and let Fiona guide you! What Fiona teaches puts in you in the driver's seat in your life, not only as a Witch and magician, but as a powerful person. My life is so different now with so many wonderful things happening all the time!"

Sandra b.

... appreciation ...

As someone who has had a lifetime interest in Witchcraft and a deep desire to learn, but didn't feel I was really "getting it" from books, Fiona's programs are a dream come true! She is just wonderful, and made me feel safe to "come out". I have learned a lot and am so excited to keep practicing. Thank you so much for this gift. 

samantha f.

... appreciation ...

"It's been an amazing experience at The Magickal Path! We've learned so much in the several courses we've taken, and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in learning 'the real deal' from an experienced Witch and Teacher. Fiona really cares about her students, and her curriculum is hands down the most comprehensive and professionally written we've ever come across on this topic"

Kaunda & Andrea M.

... appreciation ...

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