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WITCHCRAFT is a transformative, life-affirming, spiritual path and way of being. Working with the energies of the mysterious, intuitive facet of the Divine and the natural world, is Witchcraft at its most basic core.

Witches use the term 'Divine' interchangeably with the terms 'Universe', 'Source Energy', 'Source' and more. When non-pagan religions speak of 'God', this is the energy they are referring to although they may not realize it. Some Witches are secular, however; each is free to choose his or her own path.

Witchcraft is a highly empowering practice engendering personal change, spiritual evolution and most importantly, connection with Source (unless strictly secular). WITCHCRAFT IS ALL ABOUT FREEDOM, LIBERTY AND PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY.It is about you being fearlessly you, and crafting the life you desire.. It is about Mother Earth and all her creations. It is about the Cosmos and Universal Energy and the mysterious Divine Feminine. We are the healers of nature and humans, the diviners, the fortune-tellers and soothsayers. We are the magick-makers that direct energy and create change. We are the midwives and the psychopomps who lovingly welcome new life into the world, and  gently usher it home. We are Witches and we are the powerful sons and daughters of the Cosmos and Earth who walk this realm in service to the planet, to others and to ourselves. We know our lives have meaning and purpose, and that we are tasked with certain lessons and obligations to fulfill while in this incarnation. We know that our Earthly journey as WITCH is for the  progression of our eternal spirit.

ABOUT WITCHCRAFT & WICCA: Witchcraft is often confused with Wicca [respectfully], the Pagan religion that practices Witchcraft. While many Witches are Wiccan, and most Wiccans do identify as Witches, Wicca is a hierarchical, structured religion (when in a coven), with its own rules and methods. Each denomination of Wicca reveres specific deities that their members venerate. Wiccans who practice within the framework of a coven will undergo initiations and have degrees to attain. Wicca is the perfect path for some and can be highly rewarding, however not all who aspire to be a Witch have the desire to do so within the construct of an organized religion, or resonate with the Wiccan path. Solitary Wiccans that do not practice within the structure of a coven are free to choose any deity or pantheon to venerate, do not attain degrees, nor have a role within a coven's hierarchical structure, however, solitary Wiccans still follow the tenets of the religion. Non-Wiccan Witches do not. It is our belief at The Magickal Path that each soul is uniquely tasked with their own journey to travel, and therefore must follow the path that intuitively beckons. There is no wrong way to practice your Craft, only your way, and as such, WE OFER COURSES APPLICABLE TO, AND DESIGNED FOR, WITCHES OF ANY PATH OR TRADITION.

The Witch needs not worship any Gods and Goddesses, however many do, and the DEITY or pantheon that you intuitively resonate with is strictly up to you. Multiple deities emanating from various pantheons may be incorporated into your practice for veneration and to obtain assistance from, yet they are not static and may not permanently remain in your practice. Deities may change over time as you evolve and as needs arise, as it is understood [here at The Magickal Path--your beliefs are always respected] that any given deity is but one specific energetic resonance of the Divine. Examples of these energies include invoking the energies of Venus to aid you in love, friendship or money matters, or Mercury, to aid you in all matters relating to communication. These archetypical energies are but a fragment of the infinite sum of Divine Universal Source Energy that the Witch invokes in his or her spiritual and magickal practices. Think of the Divine as a diamond, with each facet of it resonating a particular energy, and being associated with a particular God or Goddess. In Witchcraft, all deities are revered equally, whether male (God) or female (Goddess). 

Not to be confused with the illusionary tricks of stage 'magic', MAGICK (with a k) is the art of harnessing natural forces and the power of your Will to create change--and it is very real. Magick is also not to be confused with the 'magic' that the film industry depicts either. While having a small 'Harry Potter' moment is not necessarily impossible, you will learn that a magickal spell takes time to manifest, the success of it depending upon multiple variables that you will learn about here at The Magickal Path.

Magick is neutral, neither good, nor evil, as it is the practitioner who decides how to focus this natural energy. We do not label Magick, but rather, we teach you how to use the natural energies of Magick in a manner which [preferably] harms none, and that brings about immense transformation to your life and spiritual practice.


Contrary to popular cultural beliefs as portrayed in media and many religions, Witches are NOT evil-doers who are in league with the Devil, seeking to harm, maim and wreak havoc in the name of their Dark Lord. Nothing could be further from the truth!! 

The fact, as history clearly illustrates, is that the widely known historical figure portraying the 'Evil Witch' is false. Individuals accused of being Witches in previous centuries were actually healers, midwives, elderly widows, and other ostracized individuals. Fear, jealousy, envy, hatred, and desire for power over these innocent people were usually why they were accused. Often times, these individuals were just scapegoats that a superstitious and deeply fearful population needed to blame their misfortunes on. These innocent men, and mostly women, were tortured and murdered in the most brutal of ways, all in the name of "God". Ignorance is a dangerous thing, and those who have practiced the path of the peaceful, healing and light-bearing Witch throughout the millennia, and in even in some parts of the world today, have felt the threat of this most dark ignorance in some way.

The path of the Modern Witch today is a pure one wherein spiritual enlightenment, connection to the Divine, and improving one's life through the manipulation of energy (Magick) are the ultimate motives for this practice. There is absolutely nothing evil about that. So then why marginalize and make evil the path of the Witch?

The answer is simple...

Witchcraft is a spiritual practice that relies upon agency with the Divine Feminine--the mysterious and intuitive facet of Source Energy. Walking this path empowers women to think for themselves, create their own realities, and to be their unique, authentic selves, ruled over by no other (spouses included). Males who are called and choose to walk the path of the Witch are emboldened as well, because in our culture, the idea of men embracing their feminine side, their highly intuitive and magickal selves, is not the norm or considered 'acceptable'. The male Witch walks his path most bravely where he comes to know and abide in his authentic self.

The patriarchal religions of the masses do none of this. There is no room within their strict dogma for anything other than veneration of a singular, all-powerful and likely vengeful male deity. The idea of having an equal feminine counterpart is intolerable because it threatens male sovereignty, power, and ultimately, control over women. It is this forbidding of the feminine that trickles down into the very fabric of our cultures, and deep into our psyches, making for the masculine (men) to be dominant, and the feminine (women) to be less than, never equal to, and ultimately subjugated on some level. Males who walk the path of the Witch are more spiritually evolved than those whom shun it. They do not feel threatened by feminine power and energy because they understand that male and female power is equal, and that there is no need or reason for dominance, as dominance is born of ego and fear. Witchcraft has been depicted as evil because men in power fear losing control over societal beliefs and practices that benefit them.

As far as the maleficent Witch is concerned, we are not saying that there are no Witches who practice malefica or attempt to control things that they should not through their spell work. Even so, what they do pales in comparison to the atrocities that were committed throughout the centuries by many of today's mainstream religions. Much evil is still committed by certain religions and governments around the world today. Subjugation, oppression and hatred is rampant. Just turn on the news. The world is filled with people trying to change or control others, and when those who are being put upon resist, they are brutalized, slaughtered or both. Know that there is not one instance in history where individuals practicing true Witchcraft have ever behaved in this manner. Also, a Witch will never try to convert anyone to practice Witchcraft by force or through guile. Becoming a Witch is something that is sought out. It is a calling inspired by the divinity from one's own soul. No one will knock on your door with a pamphlet, nor will an army be raised against you if you resist conversion.

The bottom line is, anyone can do evil, try to coerce, and do harm. Anyone. Singling out Witchcraft as evil is just another prejudice in our world and an attempt to strong-arm individuals to comply with standards, norms, beliefs and gender roles they do not wish to. Further, for those who believe in a monotheistic God and in Hell as punishment for sinning and non-belief, the ideals of Witchcraft are most frightening and fuel hate, fear and intolerance toward the individuals who walk this path. Fear of Witches and Witchcraft stems from this at its core. However, Witches understand that monotheism is part of a global mythology and do not recognize or have any fear of this threat. The monotheistic God of mainstream religions is but part of the collective cosmic mythology, and just another facet of Universe/Source Energy. We as Witches respect that it is real to its believers and hope for the same respect in return--we practice what we expect to receive.

As for 'Black Magick' or Malefica, one would have to question the mental and emotional stability of a Witch who resorts to such tactics. There are better ways to respond to situations and to heal one's wounds other than reacting to hurt, anger, jealousy, etc in such a destructive manner.  Nothing changes in the life of a Witch who operates in this way. With this practice, Karma also comes into question. Some Witches do not believe in Karma or the Threefold Law, however, many Witches do, and at the very least, know that it's just not worth doing harmful magick for their own energetic safety and purity. Not sure if a spell is harmful? Just apply the Golden Rule. Would you want this done to you? No? Then DO NOT do it to someone else (unless for self-defense, which is a different topic and perfectly acceptable). Also, it's just not natural for a Witch to be evil because the Witch is so naturally attuned to nature, healing and divining for the good of those concerned. The Witch is a natural-born helper to humanity and to all  living things in the natural world, the motivation of which being derived from a place of service and spiritual evolution.

The fact is, most individuals awakening to the path of the Witch are likely following their personal spiritual blueprint, created while in spirit form prior to this particular incarnation (yes, Witches believe in reincarnation). Many Witches alive today have been Witches in other lifetimes as well and have returned to continue their Great Work. Reaching Enlightenment is this Great Work, and is the ultimate goal of the non-secular Witch.


All are welcome here who are of sincere heart and spirit, regardless of gender, level of skill, magickal path or tradition, or sexual orientation. True Witchcraft is an accepting, pan-gender spiritual path and discriminates against no one. Witchcraft is a haven for, and often calls to, those who have suffered the spiritual poverty and inequality that mainstream religions, with their divisive dogmas, institutionally perpetuate. All that is required to follow this Path here at The Magickal Path is respect, tolerance and a true calling for spiritual liberation, a relationship with the natural world and your innermost self, and connection to Universal Source Energy. It is this desire that qualifies you as WITCH and welcomes you here, whether you are brand new to the Craft, or are a practicing Witch, Wiccan, or Magician from any other path or tradition.

Regardless of skill level or which magickal path you walk, you are sure to find one or more of our educational offerings a pivotal point in your spiritual and magickal development.

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