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Spell-casting is SO much more than Invocations, incantations  and incense sticks...

Master life-altering practices that ramp up your powers of Attraction and make your magick work like it never has before!


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the game-changing course about doing magick that WORKS!

Practice the magickal path of the Witch! Learn how to use your innate power to draw and direct the subtle, yet powerful forces of Universal energy!

You will embark upon an extraordinary and highly personal journey in which you will incrementally learn how to master your magick, use magickal tools and correspondences, clear energetic blocks, and ultimately, empower you to create the life you desire.

This course is NOT a book of spells, but rather, it is both a practical (hands-on) and academic approach to learning HOW TO MAKE MAGICK WORK from the global perspective of the Modern Witch, using multiple energetic and magickal principles. 

You will dive deep into the internal energetic and psychological factors that block and even downright kill your magick; the external magickal energies, cosmic influences and materia magica that ramp your magick to its highest potential; and finally, you'll create your own unique, energetically aligned power spell that will deliver life-changing results!

3 Keys of Magick 

Hey, I'm Fiona Duncan

I am your teacher and the author of this comprehensive, life-altering course about Magick. I am going to teach you how to access your power, create your own unique spells , clear energetic blocks, and ultimately, manifest your dreams!


More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


"Understanding the influence of the unconscious mind and actually doing something about it is the most critical factor for the success of your magick." 

~ Fiona Duncan

The Allure of Magick

Magick with a 'K'

The Gift of Hope,
the Promise of Change

It's no illusion!

YOUR SYLLABUS: What You Will Learn

Elements of the Magick Spell

Make Your Mojo Fly!

How to Avoid magick-killing pitfalls and do magick that works

The keys to unlocking your magick 

Cast Your Spell!

Manifest what you most desire

How to know if your magick worked

your Grimoire, book of shadows & tracking your spell's progress


The myriad spiritual, magickal and energy practices found around the world and throughout the ages is extraordinary. From Eastern mysticism to Native American spirituality to the ancient esoteric traditions that gave rise to a multitude of spiritual, philosophical, Witchcraft, occult and magickal paths, one could easily become overwhelmed and confused. This eBook explores some of the most common magickal, spiritual and occult paths that Modern Witchcraft draws from. It is an important step in your Witchcraft education to at least be informed about the many paths that exist. Doing so will steer you toward practices and paths that pique your interest and personally resonate with you, and which you may ultimately wish to incorporate into your own magickal practice. $15 when purchased separately.


UNDERSTANDING WHO WE ARE: an overview of the Witch’s Magickal & Esoteric Practices in History & Today


Keeping track of your spell work has never been easier! Introducing Fiona's original SpellTracker computer spreadsheet template... it is a teaching tool that shows you all the necessary parts of the spell you need in order to successfully cast, plus it makes keeping tabs on all your magickal manifestations simple. Available in downloadable Excel and PDF formats, the SpellTrackerTM may be used indefinitely. You may fill it in digitally or print it out and fill it in manually, and then save it in your traditional Book of Shadows, or directly into your digital one. The SpellTrackerTM is an indispensable tool that not only reveals successful manifestations worthy of celebration, it also gives you the ability to identify your semi-successes (and downright failures!) as well, thereby empowering you to learn and master your spell casting skills. Complete instructions are provided. $15 when purchased separately.



Total Bonus Value $30

You are ready to achieve a lot more success personally and professionally. 

You are ready to commit to life-altering transformation and know how to stop negative, magick-killing thought and behavior patterns .  

You are tired of feeling alone and want to belong to a community of like minded Witches, led by an intuitive, supportive and responsive teacher.

You value being able to study and do course work in your own timeframe.

You value having a learning platform that works around your preferences, allowing you the level of community interaction you desire and are comfortable with.

This course is open to students OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE, who is at any level of the Craft, including first timers to magick; both men and women of any background and persuasion are welcome in our Virtual Classroom who have open hearts, open minds and respect for others.

this course is for you because...

8 weeks of intensive, no-fluff COURSE CONTENT that will teach you how to RAISE YOUR MAGICK TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL and stop making magick-crushing mistakes, delivered through an academic, practical, and experiential learning approach.  

A complete course on magick which includes its history and the many spiritual, magickal and esoteric movements that Modern Witchcraft draws from today; you will have AN ARSENAL OF MAGICKAL PRACTICES  to explore and  incorporate into your own practice! 

An amazing VIRTUAL CLASSROOM where your lessons will be available to read and download.

A beautifully designed, 100 page PDF TEXTBOOK of the course that you will absolutely want to print out and keep in your magickal library that I authored and designed just for this course; it looks like a magazine, complete with images, tables and art! 

COMMUNITY: join our unique magickal tribe! Participation in your VIRTUAL CLASSROOM is super-encouraged! Being a Witch can be a lonely business and part of our mission is to provide a safe haven to ask questions, share experiences with  course topics, and share a bit about  your own Witchcraft practice with myself and your fellow students! 

LIFETIME ACCESS to your COURSE and VIRTUAL CLASSROOM, even after you have completed it! Continue to participate in course discussions to deepen your learning and remain in touch with myself and fellow students!

Your free BONUSES.


what you get...

what is the format of this course?

All courses at The Magickal Path, whether Self-Paced or Signature, are hosted on a professional teaching platform to which you are automatically directed upon your purchase. This platform is our virtual classroom where you will find all of your course content and downloadable PDFs that accompany specific lessons.

It is also a hub for interactive student activity where you may post questions, discuss your assignments and interact with myself and fellow students. I monitor your questions and although I may not be able to answer every question posted due to volume, I do my best to address every student. 

How are lessons distributed?

Each week, for 8 weeks, you will be notified by email that a new lesson has been made available in your virtual classroom. You will have an entire week to read, do assignments and interact with fellow Witches in your course before your next lesson is posted. Of course there is no rush--you may work at your own pace. Your lessons will remain in your personal classroom account for you to study at your leisure.

All students in this "Self-Paced Course" will be working on different lessons at any given time, as that is the nature of an 'open enrollment'. Doing so keeps the course's price down and allows you to begin and complete your studies when it's convenient for you. Feel free to spend as much or as little time as you like on any given lesson, assignment or topic. Work at your own pace...this is all about you! Just promise yourself that you will do the work. You deserve this! 

 community and safe haven

I encourage you to take advantage of the social aspect this course provides you with. For years I craved the company of sister and brother Witches to both learn and socialize with, so I know how lonely it can get flying the broomstick solo. If you are new to Witchcraft and do not have a strong circle of like-minded folks to be your Witchy self with, this course is your opportunity to create bonds with others seeking the same. Even if you've been around for a while and are solid in your magickal social circles, this is still the place for you! Your participation is most welcome! 

Our virtual classroom hub is the perfect place to share your thoughts and experiences relating to the lessons and assignments, as it is completely private and hidden from public view. You are free and safe to be who you are in this forum because only course participants will be able to see and respond to what you post. Take this unique opportunity to forge some lasting friendships with people who get you and are invested in your growth and success!


"All I can say is my world is indeed changing! I've never felt more in tune with myself and in alignment as I do now, the evidence for which lies in all the amazing things I am manifesting--things I have struggled with attaining before. 

Fiona has been an inspirational mentor and teacher. I'm so happy and have so much hope!"

"Fiona is a caring and knowledgable teacher. Her approach to magick is unique in that she teaches you how to cultivate your powers of attraction, therefor your ability to manifest. No more lighting a candle and just hoping for the best! What Fiona teaches puts in you in the driver's seat, giving you control over your life and what you create."

greg C.

Polly M.

What People Are Saying...

roseann j.

Jabbar & cheryl m.

"It's been an amazing experience at The Magickal Path. I've learned so much and have taken my magick to a whole new level! Fiona is awesome and I love being part of the online community. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in finding their power and doing magick that works."

"What we learned was the missing link in our practice. As eclectic witches practicing together for many years, this course was pivotal in shaking things up quite a bit. The rut we had fallen into has disappeared and what we are manifesting in our mundane and our spiritual lives is amazing!"

Thank you, Fiona, for opening the door to new realms and possibilities!"


...and learn to do life-changing magick that WORKS!


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