begin your journey into to your new witchcraft practice on the right foot! 

A companion energy clearing 1-1 coaching program for WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 101 students

Receive personal attention from Nichole, your Shadow Work teacher and coach, through 1-1 Video Coaching sessions which includes communication with her via email, Zoom and Voxer!

Through the Shadow Work Coaching upgrade you will:

Open your heart and expand your consciousness by connecting to and creating an intimate dialogue with your body.  

Release your mind from limiting thought patterns through conscious mindset work and create thoughts that affirm and support your perfect witchy Self!  

Raise your spirit by opening yourself to the powerful energies within and applying them in your life.

Shadow Work Coaching Upgrade 

Allow The Magickal Path's Energy Alchemy & Shadow Work Coach, Nichole Beamer, to hold space for you as you dive into your subconscious and release destructive, self-perpetuating cycles that keep you from moving into a state of true, magickal fulfillment.

This painless process will help you to remove the blocks that have been holding you back through identifying the outdated beliefs you have about yourself and your life.

Heal your shadows and seamlessly transform them into powerful new outlooks that support your personal energy and magick!

Shadow work allows you to recognize and clear blocks that impact not only your magick but also the way you experience your everyday life.

 From how you see yourself to the choices that you make, by taking control of your thoughts and your energy, you will create a successful practice at the altar, and in every other area of your life: your career, your health, your relationships, your prosperity (that includes your money!), and your magickal gifts and abilities. 

Learn SO much about your personal magick, what it really is, how it shows up for you, and more importantly, how to harness and use its energy.

 Listen to your intuition and act on it without doubt or hesitation.

 This is the key to freedom, witch! 

Finally, connect fully with spirit, if this is part of your Witchcraft practice, and understand yourself and the magickal path you are meant to walk in this lifetime.

This unique upgrade will prime you for and support you in your work throughout the 101 so you can take command of your power as you begin your journey on the path of the Witch

(VIRTUAL ONLY, but can be combined with the WoW 101 in-person option)

Nichole Beamer:

Nichole’s magickal methods include energy alchemy, emotive shadow work, reflective meditation and visualization, creative manifestation, energy healing, and affirmative spell work. She honors the creative methods of her students and encourages them to discover their personal connections with and expressions of the Universe by way of their individuality. Nichole believes that every person has the capacity to manifest great things - all it takes is a willingness to listen to the heart.

ENERGY ALCHEMY & SHADOW WORK COACH AT THE MAGICKAL PATH SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT: Nichole is an Author, Teacher, Energy Alchemist & Shadow Work Coach, Reiki Master and Yogi


More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


"I created this Shadow Work Coaching Upgrade for Fiona's WAY OF THE WITCH program because after nearly two years of serving her students, she realized that many who are new to the Craft carry with them energetic blocks that hinder not only their magickal success, but success and happiness in their everyday lives as well. Having worked through the Shadow Work process to clear her own blocks to healing and manifesting, Fiona realized that Shadow Work could greatly help her new 101 students as well."  ~Nichole

"Healing your shadows is the most important thing you can do to empower not only your magick and Witchcraft practice, but your life! Allow me to help you clear the shadows that are blocking your hopes and dreams (and your spells!) from manifesting." ~ Nichole

Students need a coach who can structure and present information in a way that makes sense, is grounded, effortless, and allows the student to determine what rings true for them personally. During your shadow work coaching, you will follow a functional curriculum to help keep you focused while moving through each session.  

Here's what you can expect during your CLEAR: Shadow Work Coaching Upgrade:

(1) 60-minute initial assessment call
(2) 90-minute shadow work and energy alchemy calls
(1) 60-minute final assessment/ farewell call
During your initial 60-minute assessment call, you will discuss your dreams and desires with Nichole and identify the specific challenges or limitations that have kept you from achieving them. Together, you will work to uncover the limiting beliefs or thought patterns that block your success so that you can clear them.  

During your initial 90-minute shadow work and energy alchemy call, you will work with Nichole to design and take part in a clearing and affirmative ritual to prime you for your work in the 101.

Thereafter, you can design a coaching schedule for your final calls that will meet your needs. If you both feel that all of the clearing work needs to be done upfront, your schedule will reflect that choice. If you decide that you prefer supportive coaching throughout the 101, this is also an option.


What do you mean by Clearing?

During the clearing, we will dive into the introspection work performed during our assessment to clarify the actual concept or pattern of belief at play (such as unworthiness, loneliness, etc.) through an assessment of the body, the mind, and your energetic state. This assessment exercise will help you observe yourself to better understand what it is that you truly desire and identify areas of yourself that feel unworthy, alone, etc. (or whatever comes up during the session). If you feel ready to reclaim these parts of yourself and build affection and affinity with them, you will move into the affirmative energy practice and ritual!

What do you mean by Affirmative Ritual?

In the 45-minute affirmative ritual, you will:

     ~ Call up the parts of yourself that you would like to energize (as identified in your clearing)
     ~ Create an intimate connection with them
     ~ Affirm your willingness to express them through your every action!  

This ritual will be the advent of your work going forward and will assist you in achieving your goals in the 101 with Fiona! After we design and move through the ritual, Nichole will create an audio version (you will also get a video copy of your session together if you'd like to review it), along with mantras that you can state daily to get your thoughts into a supportive space. It’s time to let your thoughts work for you and these mantras are all about affirming your ritual work every day until it becomes the foundation from which you live!

COACHING: You get to have Nichole (pictured here) all to yourself! From the start, she will be there for you throughout your coaching sessions via EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE, VOXER APP, and during your PRIVATE 1-1 VIDEO OR AUDIO SESSIONS! You can ask her your questions and receive the guidance and personal connection you have been yearning for in your Craft studies. YOU GET 4 PRIVATE 1-1 CALLS! (1 Initial Assessment, 2 Energy Alchemy and Shadow Work Sessions, 1 Farewell and 'What's Next For You' Session), and EMAIL/ VOXER SUPPORT for two (2) weeks following each session. 

For the sake of privacy, you will receive access to YOUR OWN GOOGLE DRIVE where the coaching sessions and any private resources created by Nichole will be made available for you to download or read online.

COMMUNITY: be a part of our unique magickal tribe! Join our private Facebook group and befriend other Magickal Path students and followers! Being a Witch can be a lonely business and part of our mission is to provide a safe haven for you to ask questions, share experiences, and befriend fellow Witches, including the entire Magickal Path faculty! 

RENEWABLE ACCESS to Nichole or join her in one of her other more comprehensive coaching programs: “I am still here for you after your sessions have been completed. If you’d like to renew your coaching package and continue receiving the support you deserve throughout the 101, just ask!!”
CERTIFICATE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT mailed to you (hardcopy and digital) when you have completed the last of your 1-1 Coaching/Q&A sessions with me. 


You are ready to achieve a lot more success in your life and know that Witchcraft is your path, however, you are feeling blocked or stuck in some area of your life or magickal practice. 

You are stoked and ready to commit to life-altering spiritual, magickal and personal transformation; you want to develop your power, broaden your magickal sphere of influence, and live a life aligned with your soul's purpose.  

You are new to or somewhat familiar with the the process of Shadow Work; you've been reading and searching and perhaps trying to do a bit of clearing on your own, but you know that with the right coach, you can bring your shadow clearing to the next level.

You want to be supported by an experienced Witch AND Shadow Work Coach - one that you can rely on, and who has your best interest at heart.  

You value having a learning platform that works around your preferences, allowing you the time you need to assimilate and practice, yet are held accountable by a caring guide.

You are a Seeker with an open heart and open mind. This course is open to students of any background or gender who are OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE. 

this Companion Energy Clearing Program is for you because...


This program is a powerful vortex designed to help YOU - the extraordinary creator, artist, and/or spiritual innovator - revolutionize your life and use your unique gifts, your wealth, and your innovative nature to bring even more impact and wonder to the world.  

Interested in learning more? Check out the program video to see what's possible for you (and your extraordinary dreams)!

Nichole's Shadow Work Coaching Programs Are Now Fully Enrolled And Being Retired To Open Space For... 

email nichole to learn more!



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