free 7-day course

This is a free course in foundational Witchcraft practices, presented in our state-of-the-art online classroom.

Each of our stellar, highly experienced  teachers has created and presents a foundational lesson specifically for this course. These lessons will guide you in mastering your thoughts, emotions, and energy--all of which contribute to the level of personal power you have available to wield in both your mundane life and in your Witchcraft practice. 

Our course is open to both men and women, and features multi-media lessons. This intro course is perfect for the novice as well as the more experienced Witch who is interested in sampling our teachers, our teaching style and our digital platform. Each lesson is presented through a variety of video, audio and textual formats. 

Upon enrollment you will have full access to all 7 of your lessons. Take just one or take them all! It's up to you!

Each lesson contains REAL CONTENT through our teaching portal to study at your leisure. You will also have the option to download videos, audios and PDFs of the lessons. Topics include lunar timing, energy work, spell casting, dreamwork, sacred space, alchemy and more.

We hope that you will engage in our online community through our classroom hub. There you can personally ask Fiona your questions, share your experience with the lessons and how you are applying them in your own life. You can even interact with your classmates. Fiona replies to each and every student who posts in the course within a few days. Definitely take a moment to introduce yourself to her!

Lastly, feel free to work at your own pace. Your enrollment will remain valid until we discontinue this offer. When that date arrives some time in the future, you will be notified via email.  

Welcome to The Magickal Path, Witch! 

With Love & Magick,
Fiona 💜

free 7-day course

" 7 Days
to Living a Witchier Life "

...a REAL course with 7 lessons taught by each member of our faculty in our online classroom!

Yep, free!
Our gift to you.
No credit card required.  

Everyday Practices to Grow Your Power

free 7-day course

"Hi Fiona! First, I want to express how grateful I am to have stumbled on to the Magickal Path website. Second, a heart felt thank you to you, Jennifer, Nichole, Tree & Melissa for offering this course. I've taken a paid course on Magick that did not explain the basic fundamentals of practice, ritual and ceremony so thoroughly. I enjoyed all the lessons and I especially enjoyed Nichole's 'Alchemist's Eye' lesson. This I believe is the foundation of what will bring out the best in my Magickal life. I look forward to taking other courses from the Magickal Path. Blessings!"
~ Maria M.

"I mostly wanted to say thank you for offering this course. I can tell all of the teachers put a lot of time and effort into each lesson and all the activities. I was amazed that I got a personalized response to everything I posted with words of encouragement, ways to deepen my practice, or work with a problem. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in getting their feet wet with being a witch. It helped me understand my relationship to magic, nature, and energy. I also feel like it was very down to earth and helped me understand concepts without the woo or fluff. Thanks so much and best of luck!"  ~ Ami D.

"I absolutely loved my free 7 day trial at The Magickal Path...It inspired me and for the first time in a long time I felt I was right where I belonged... I cannot wait to enroll into the school for more as I just can't get enough" 
~ Kristina A