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You are the inspiration and the reason for The Magical Path


Our online Witchcraft courses are all about serving you. We are here for you, to support you every step of the way in creating a Witchcraft and magickal practice that is unique to you—one that resonates with your soul and that engenders healing, growth, and life-altering spiritual and personal transformation. . 

You will learn many different practices and ways of doing things, and while doing so, will delve further into your own belief system to craft a spiritual and magickal path that deeply resonates with who you are, because there is no one right way to be a Witch—only your way. 

Let us show you how!


We understand the confusion and isolation that a lot of new Witches (and even experienced ones) can experience as they navigate learning their sacred path. We want to be here for you to teach and guide you. We want to get to know you, and make you feel like you belong—because you do.

Lessons are delivered though our state-of-the-art online classroom portal, however, you have access to your teachers 24/7 via personal 1-1 email. You will also personally meet your teacher via private 1-1 video or audio calls.  

Our online course format is evergreen, meaning enrollment is open, there are no start and end dates., and you can work at your own pace. What makes us unique, however, is that we have teachers actively involved to help you. This is very unlike other online courses of this nature—those that just sell courses but offer no teacher support to students.

Our main objective at The Magickal Path is to provide you with:

     ~ top-notch content and a positive learning experience

     ~ empowerment to create a life-changing Witchcraft practice that speaks to your soul

     ~ and a sense of belonging through social community and teacher interaction (click here to join our private, very friendly Facebook group)

Our online classrooms are secure and completely private. No one will ever know you are taking a course here!

We do encourage to you become an active member of the online Facebook educational community by joining our private group where you will be free to be your unique witchy self! It's an active group where the faculty and other members of the community post and interact with each other. It's also a great place to share your experiences with your course work and how you are working it into your own life and Witchcraft practice. You are encouraged to become a valued, contributing member of our magickal tribe!


All courses at The Magickal Path are taught by long-time, full-time Witches, meaning that we have all been practicing Witchcraft for at least 20 years or more, and that Witchcraft is our full-time employment through any combination of teaching, private mentoring, spiritual counseling, healing and energy work, divination services, or retail.

We offer a variety of courses in Witchcraft topics including beginner concepts and practices, magickal practices and esoteric topics. Each course incorporates any combination of audio, video and a PDF transcript or course notes. And of course, each course is supported by your course’s teacher and Fiona, your Headmistress.

You’re never alone on your sacred journey when you enroll at The Magickal Path.


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