Join Long-time Witch, Energy Alchemist, and Bardic Intuitive, Nichole Beamer for...

A Comprehensive 7 Week Online Course in Mercurial Alchemy, Personal Shadow Work, and the Evolution of Consciousness!

Ground in Your Magick When Everything Goes "Wrong"

For many Witches and creatives,
Mercury Retrograde can be downright frustrating.

The energies during this particular period are difficult to work with and often cause issues for the most accomplished witches and alchemists.  If you don't know how to work with Mercury's powerful energies, it can wreak all sorts of havoc and cause major disruptions in your life and your magickal practice. 

Dive Into The Alchemical Transformation That Only Mercurial Energy Can Provide! 
Learn How To Overcome Difficulties And Manifest Your Deepest Desires! 
Transform Your Pain Into Pleasure And Become The Sovereign Witch You Really Are!

With Personal Attention From Your Instructor, Nichole beamer, Through Email Correspondence And 1-1 Video Chat!

I'm nichole beamer:

…and primarily, I am your guide in teaching you the ways of the Energy Alchemist! I so look forward to working with you to give you a powerful magickal foundation for Mercury Retrograde and in basic Alchemical studies so you can fully step into your Sovereignty with ease!

Instructor of Energy Alchemy at The Magickal Path. I am a certified Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Intuitive Bard, Witch & Spiritual Mentor. I have studied Witchcraft for more than half my life. I am an extremely unique Witch and Magician, specializing in intuitive healing, bardic healing, alchemy of the psyche, and self-empowerment. 

"I mostly wanted to say thank you for offering this course. I can tell all of the teachers put a lot of time and effort into each lesson and all the activities. I was amazed that I got a personalized response to everything I posted with words of encouragement, ways to deepen my practice, or work with a problem. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in getting their feet wet with being a witch. It helped me understand my relationship to magic, nature, and energy. I also feel like it was very down to earth and helped me understand concepts without the woo or fluff. Thanks so much and best of luck!"  ~ Ami D.


page 1: Your Personal contact with nichole

At the end of your course, Nichole makes herself available to support and connect with you via a private 1-1 POWER HOUR Session. It is her hope to meet with you at the end of your studies because it is her goal to see you succeed. 

Your private 1-1 POWER HOUR is held through your choice of Facebook audio or video call or Zoom, and is made directly through Nichole at Each 1-1 session lasts up to 60 minutes.

During your 1-1 session with Nichole, you may discuss all topics in the lessons, and ask questions about content, assignments and suggested practices. You may also discuss how to apply the new information into your life and current practices. Basically, anything lesson-related and how it applies to your life is what this time is for.

Most importantly, Nichole wants you to know that you are supported, and that your success with the materials and concepts you are learning is very important to her. This is why she also chose to make herself available to you personally through EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE during your lessons in addition to your Power Hour. Simply reach out to her and she will respond.  

Click here to see more about your appointments with Nichole.  

page 2: what is the format of this course?

All courses at The Magickal Path, are hosted on a professional teaching platform to which you are automatically directed to complete your purchase. This platform is our virtual classroom where you will find all of your course content,  downloadable media and other pertinent information.

This course includes:

~Videos, meditations, and PDFs which are beautifully formatted, and that you will to keep in your Grimoire. 

~Email correspondence: you may contact Nichole at any time during your coursework for support with your lesson. She is there to help you succeed!

 ~60 minute “Power Hour” Live Session with Nichole via Facebook video or audio chat or Zoom upon completion of the course which includes a special meditative ritual where you claim your power as a Mercurial Alchemist!

page 3: How are lessons distributed?

Each week for six weeks, you will be notified by email that a new lesson has been made available in your virtual classroom. Each lesson contains all of the current week's course materials and you will have an entire week to do your assignment. 

Make the most of your experience in this course and complete the assignments that Nichole has created for you. Viewing the videos is great and essential, however, you will experience little gain without actually doing the work. Remember, Witchcraft is a practice, so practice you must! Just promise yourself that you will do the work. You deserve this! 

On the first day of the seventh week you will be given the opportunity to make your 1-1 Power Hour appointment with Nichole. 

Of course there is no rush--you may work at your own pace, but please note that the availability of time in which you have to schedule your 1-1 Power Hour with Nichole is limited to a six month period, and expires upon the six month anniversary of your enrollment date. You must schedule and complete your Power Hour with Nichole within this time frame.

Conversely, there is no expiration date for your enrollment and your lessons will remain in your personal classroom account. 




MASTER THE ART OF Mercurial Alchemy...

and have personal access to me, Nichole Beamer, a long-time Witch, Energy Alchemist, and Intuitive Bard. Allow me to guide you through the alchemical process during and outside of Mercury Retrograde - I will assist you in stepping into your sovereignty to transform your life and Witchcraft practice.

Become an adept energy alchemist with MERCURY RETROGRADE: Ground in Your Magick when Everything Goes Wrong!


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