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You also affirm that you are 18 years of age, or have parental permission. Failure to obtain permission will lead to non-refundable automatic dismissal from the program. 

We sincerely thank you for understanding this, and really hope that you love your studies with us and gain much from them. 


When you have completed your final lesson of the course, Nichole will make herself available to support and connect with you via a private 1-1 video or audio session. She offers this service to you as part of her course because it is her goal to see you succeed; she believes that video and textual matter alone are not enough and cannot replace human contact and direct support. 

You are encouraged to complete the course lesson by lesson as they are released each week. You are of course free to work this course at your own pace, and if you need more than the week to complete any given lesson, that is fine, as your access to the videos and lessons in the classroom portal has no expiration date! However, the time in which you may have your 1-1 Power Hour with Nichole is finite, meaning, that you have a six month period in which to schedule and have your appointment with her. You will not be able to have your 1-1 Power Hour with Nichole after the six month anniversary of your enrollment date has passed. 

Nichole asks that you keep any appointment you schedule with her. If you must reschedule an appointment with her, a minimum notice of 24 hours must be provided via email at If you miss your scheduled appointment without notice, you will be given the opportunity to reschedule it one more time. If that appointment is also missed without notice, the 1-1 Power Hour is now forfeit. We apologize for the inconvenience this may create, however, this policy in place in order to respect Nichole's time. If she has an appointment scheduled with you, she has put aside all other responsibilities in order to focus solely on you.

Private 1-1 Power Hour sessions are held through your choice of Facebook video or audio call or Zoom, and are made via email at Each 1-1 Power Hour lasts up to 60 minutes.  

Nichole, Fiona your Headmistress, and the staff at The Magickal Path thank you from the bottom of their hearts for making this school a part of your life and personal magickal path. Please know we are here to support you in any way we are capable, and will do all we can to ensure your satisfaction with us. 

Welcome, Witch, to your unique magickal path!

Ground in Your Magick When Everything Goes "Wrong"  

with Nichole Beamer

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