Master Educator and Seasoned Witch, Fiona Duncan, is here for you!


Imagine what it would be like to be guided by an experienced Witch, Metaphysician and Magician, as you navigate your personal magickal path. Imagine if this person was also a Certified Teacher, holding advanced degrees in Education. Imagine if this person was available to you privately, to teach you your craft, answer your questions, care about and support you, and challenge you further.

Seasoned Witch and Educator, Fiona Duncan, is now making herself available to qualified candidates for individual private study in the role of Teacher and Mentor.

Benefit from Fiona's 25+ years of experience as a practicing Witch and Teacher. There is nothing more joyful to Fiona than establishing the student-teacher bond and witnessing the growth and transformation of those she instructs. Developing positive student-teacher relationships is her strength as an educator, as is her ability to convey content with clarity and purpose.

For years students have enjoyed and benefitted from Fiona's tutelage as an art teacher, professor and administrator; however, Fiona is now called to devoting herself to sharing her vast knowledge of Witchcraft to empower you--the fledgling or intermediate Witch, and will aid you in crafting and honing your own unique spiritual and magickal paths.

Rely on Fiona’s direct support and the special mentor-mentee bond that naturally occurs as your personalized studies progress--you will finally have someone you can go to for help and for support in both your sacred journey and your life.

Fiona mentors on a limited schedule and accepts students via an application process. Apply now for a chance at selection into this highly limited and coveted experience.

Fiona offers several affordably-priced mentoring packages to choose from, including highly structured or student-driven paths of study, which she will email to you upon completion of the brief application. Whichever program you choose, Fiona is dedicated to you and your success.

Simply click "APPLY NOW", fill out the form and await Fiona to contact you personally! NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED, brand new through intermediate Witches are encouraged to apply. All that is required is a genuine passion for the Craft and the desire to learn. 

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Fiona Has Reached Capacity in Her Mentoring Program, and is Currently Accepting Students for Her Waitlist. HOWEVER, Check out her awesome new course WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 101. It's Just like her Mentoring Program and you still get 1-1 private instruction! 


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