Cast a complex, multi-part spell to manifest what you most desire through Fiona's 'Strategic Spellcasting Technique'!


 manifest something


...take your witchcraft practice to the next level! 

Cast a complex, multi-part spell to manifest what you most desire through Fiona's 'Strategic Spellcasting Technique'!


Continue working 1-1 with fiona to deepen your Witchcraft and magickal practice 

A 3-Month Immersion and Coaching Program Especially For The WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 101 Graduate

Witchcraft 201


Dear Witch, you've reached the finish line in your year long journey into the Craft! 

I cannot believe a year has passed since we began working together in WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 101. I am sure you have undergone great personal transformation, and have learned so much. You may be wondering what's next for you on your wonderfully witchy journey. 

Have you thought about it? 

The first thing I'd like you to think about is all you have accomplished and achieved this year. Go ahead--make a list!  

Start with all the witchy tools you've acquired and the sacred space you created. Then think about the ideals you resonated with and adopted into your own life and practice. Credit yourself for sticking with your altar work practice and doing the hard work of owning your power, which includes all the energy healing, balancing and clearing work you did.

Then think about how you now:

  • Are a powerful magician and creator of original spells

  • Know about the natural world, its energies, magickal correspondences, and how to work with them

  • Can recognize and clear blocks to not only your magick, but that hinder your success and happiness in the mundane world, too

  • Practice a form of divination, which is no doubt helping you navigate your life and Craft practice 

  • Practice your own personalized year of Sabbat celebrations, create your own rituals, and have learned to live in sync with the rhythms and energies of nature

  • Live harmoniously in sync with the Moon and 'her moods', and have created your own, bespoke esbat practice

  • Understand and utilize cosmic and planetary energies to benefit your life and magickal practice 

  • Know SO much about magick and how to successfully do it

  • Feel connected with spirit, if this is part of your Witchcraft path, and have reflected upon your life's path and purpose 

Most importantly, I want you to think about where and who you were when you first began this journey, and where and who you are now. How does that feel? What is the greatest change you see in yourself? What have you manifested? What has shifted? Do you feel more powerful, capable and in control? Have you created a unique Witchcraft and magickal practice that actually works, and that supports who you are? Do you feel empowered, and perhaps even... sovereign? 

All that you have accomplished is truly amazing! Acknowledge this and commend yourself. You've literally studied well over 650 pages of material and have completed--and continue to engage in--numerous Witchcraft projects, rituals, practices and assignments! 

You have, indeed, literally crafted your own highly effective, bespoke, Witchcraft and magickal practice!

Well done, Witch! I am proud of you. And you should be proud of you, too. ~ F.🖤

Welcome back dear 101 student!

It's been a year of joy and wonder working with you in WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 101!

During this time you have learned, grown and manifested SO much!

But now it's time to take everything you've learned a step further.

If you are anything like the many other students who graduated from the 101, you've already gotten a pretty sweet taste of witchy success. 

Well, dear Witch...




In WoW201 you will cast a symphony of spells utilizing various modes and methods of magick to manifest one, huge desire! 

WoW 201 is a PERSONALIZED COACHING PROGRAM IN PRACTICAL MAGICK featuring content that is custom-tailored to your specific magickal goal (your spell intention). Have an idea of something 'big' you'd like to cast for, but not quite sure how to zero in on it? Not to worry. You will have a private strategy session with Fiona as part of your program to help you figure this out!

Through Fiona's original Strategic Spellcasting Technique, you will cast a complex, multi-part spell that takes place over time to manifest a specific goal. Examples can be general, such as improving health, career, prosperity, relationships, or can be specific, such as attracting your soul mate or buying a house.

No two students' program will be the same, because no two Witches and their goals are the same. You will work on your own unique goal which will be achieved through personalized curriculum creation and instruction, 'Strategic Spellcasting', your private state-of-the-art classroom portal, and real-time instruction through 1-1 video chats with Fiona.

Within the three month timeframe, you will define your top priority goal, create your spellcasting strategy, cast your spells, and then await their manifestation. 

A Unique Magickal Journey With a Custom Program I Design Just for You, That's What!

What Do You Desire More Than Anything Else Right Now? 

Fiona Duncan

Work with me again through this unique learning experience that I custom create just for you!


More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


1. An ACTION-ORIENTED PROGRAM where you will be 'doing' lots of magickal activities and applying what you learned in the 101 in a deeper context.

2. Three MONTHS OF PERSONALIZED, CAREFULLY CURATED COURSE CONTENT created just for you. Through my original Strategic Spellcasting Technique, spend three solid months crafting and building a symphony of spells utilizing various modes and methods of magick to manifest this one, huge desire!

3. Your OWN PRIVATE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM with open chat boxes to make communication with me between live video calls easy and organized. Your private classroom will contain lessons, activities, instructions, etc meant for only you, and dialogue areas where you may post pics and videos of your work and other docs, and to ask me questions between our video chats. Yep! You get your OWN portal!

4. LIVE INSTRUCTION & COACHING in your bi-monthly PRIVATE 1-1 VIDEO or AUDIO SESSIONS (yep--you get me twice a month!). You get (8) 1-1 video calls (1 Strategy Session, 6 Q&A/ Discussion / Instruction / Demonstration Sessions, 1 Farewell & What's Next for You Session). In this program, you will also have access to me via TEXT, because sometimes you may need a quick answer to a question before you can move forward with your work, or to schedule a 1-1. This ensures you get a more prompt reply from me if I am away from my desk. 

6. LIFETIME ACCESS to your COURSE and VIRTUAL CLASSROOM. Your enrollment never expires and you will retain access to your course even after you have completed it, for as long as I run it.

what you get...

Sandra's story...

Fiona goes above and beyond teaching. She shares her own personal experiences with her magick and its results, which not only created a deeper connection between us, it made the concepts I was learning easier to understand. Plus, she's a really fun person, too.

Fiona's Strategic Spellcasting Technique is amazing--it's 'the place where common sense meets the mystical'. We actually created a flowchart showing all the spells I needed to cast in order to achieve this 'big' goal of mine, the celestial energies and other correspondences I was to work with, and even the day and time I was to cast each one right down to the hour! It was amazing!

My 'big' goal was to move into a larger and nicer home. Within eight months of completing the program and all the spellwork, it happened! The energies aligned and the perfect place for me at this time in my life came to me---including the money I needed to help me finance it!

Even more amazing and important, I gained so much confidence in myself and my magickal ability. This to me is priceless!

Although I've taken all the programs Fiona offers and have developed quite the witchcraft and magick practice, I'm hoping she creates another advanced level course soon. I love working with her that much!

~ Sandra K.. Mage graduate


Manifest what you Most Desire while taking your practice to the next level!

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PERSONALIZED COACHING PROGRAM IN PRACTICAL MAGICK, custom-tailored to your specific magickal goal


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"Upon enrollment, you will be taken to a checkout page on the school's teaching platform. Once your purchase is complete, you will be automatically placed into the WoW 201 'holding classroom'. I will be alerted that you are there and will contact you via email or text if I have your cell number ASAP (usually within 24 hours). I also provide my cell number and my direct email address in the holding classroom, and you are free to either text or email me to set up your first 1-1 with me, which is your strategy session. Otherwise, I will reply to you as soon as possible. During the strategy session we will discuss your goals and how I can help you achieve them through magickal and Craft practices. I will then build your private classroom portal and notify you as soon as it is ready with your first lesson and activity. " ~ F.

The Entire 3-month program, including your Custom created Curriculum, private Classroom Portal, and live Instruction & Coaching with me, is only $598, or save $30 with a single payment of $568! 


Please understand, because this program consists of digital content and real time spent with Fiona, we are unable to offer refunds. Once you have submitted payment, the sale is final. Please review Terms of Purchase link above. When enrolling in this course you affirm that you are at least 18 years of age.


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I can't wait to work you and guide you on your unique magickal journey! ~Fiona



1 payment of $568
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