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Welcome to Step 1 of my application process. Thank you for your interest in having me be your personal tutor and mentor as you navigate your sacred path! 

In the box below, please briefly state:

1. Your Age

2. Your Experience: any coven work/social affiliations, witchcraft/magick/spiritual books read, personal spiritual beliefs & traditions, daily spiritual practices, type of Witch you identify as, if any (Solitary, Eclectic, Green, Hedge, Kitchen, Wiccan & Tradition, etc. if any), magickal rituals you've performed/attended, courses/classes taken in person or online, etc., other magickal traditions/religions you have belonged to or participated in, etc. Note: No prior experience is necessary, nor does it matter what else you have studied or participated in, only a sincere interest to study this path.

3. What you hope to gain in your practice, and why do you feel having a personal tutor and mentor will benefit you? What are your expectations of the pupil/mentor relationship? What is it you would most like from me? I would like to know how I can best serve you. 

Once received, I will personally contact you for Step 2 of the application process via email to arrange for a 15-20 minute telephone conversation to chat a bit, review the mentoring packages, and determine if working together is a good fit for us both (no obligations here!)  

It is my sincerest hope that I may be able to guide and support you as you embark upon your sacred journey! 

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