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We created this ever-growing resource page to help you source the best educational and witchcraft supplies for your magickal practice. Many of the offerings and website recommendations are created and owned by the teachers here at The Magickal Path. Other resources are provided by Witches we just know and trust. 

Welcome to Our Broom Closet!

~ Supplies ~

Amazing handcrafted magick supplies from our teacher's shops


SoulJourney is a bookstore specializing in Witchcraft, astrology, tarot and goddess studies as well as the candles, oils, herbs, etc. that go with them.

What you'll find in the store are the "necessaries" for Aromatherapy, Astrology, Gemstone, Goddess, Herbal, Tarot, and Wiccan studies. You'll also find candles, incense, oils, herbs, and jewelry, along with other "cool" stuff too numerous to mention here. What you won't find are unicorns and "self-help" items. 

Sandi at JoulJourney believes that we are each on our own path, weaving through the paths of those around us. It is her pleasure to assist you on your path to YOUR ultimate truth.

LightClub Curiosity Shoppe is a one-stop metaphysical, healing and artistic haven for your senses. It is more than a wellness center, more than an art gallery, more than a New Age or magical shop, more than a mystic's school and more than any other kind of place you may expect!

Our goal is to offer whatever goods and services you need in order to achieve balance in your life. We have always referred to ourselves as a Club because it is our goal to make you feel a sense of belonging and positive energy as soon as you enter. 

Come visit us and experience all we have to offer you, and help us to spread the Light!

'Life is Tragic Without Magick'

A Metaphysical Haven For Seekers, Mystics... And The Curious!






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