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We created this ever-growing resource page to help you source the best educational and witchcraft supplies for your magickal practice. Many of the offerings and website recommendations are created and owned by the teachers here at The Magickal Path. Other resources are provided by Witches we just know and trust. 

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Amazing handcrafted magick supplies from our teacher's shops


Other Worldly Waxes is a hardcore, no-fluff, magickal supply shop which is owned and operated by The Magickal Path's Amy C Wilson. It is here where she makes her signature hand crafted, ritually charged spell candles, incenses and magickal oils.

The shop also carries and interesting selection of other occult items, some of which originate from the famed Magickal Childe Metaphysical Shop in New York City before it closed in 1999.

Other Worldly Waxes is predominantly an online shop, but if you're lucky enough to live in its neck of the woods, you can catch Amy there for the 4 magickal hours per month that she opens her doors to the public.

LightClub Curiosity Shoppe is a one-stop metaphysical, healing and artistic haven for your senses. It is more than a wellness center, more than an art gallery, more than a New Age or magical shop, more than a mystic's school and more than any other kind of place you may expect!

Our goal is to offer whatever goods and services you need in order to achieve balance in your life. We have always referred to ourselves as a Club because it is our goal to make you feel a sense of belonging and positive energy as soon as you enter. 

Come visit us and experience all we have to offer you, and help us to spread the Light!

Home of Candle Magick

A Metaphysical Haven For Seekers, Mystics... And The Curious!



Featuring unique crafters, makers, artists, taxidermists, magick makers, psychics, and the unusual selling their wares and talents in this one of a kind Night Market. 

This event is produced by faculty member and owner of Other Worldly Waxes, Amy C Wilson, and takes place in the Hudson Valley in New York State. It occurs quarterly in March--Ostara/Spring Equinox, June--Litha/Summer Solstice, October--Samhain/Halloween and December--Yule/Winter Solstice.  


Local Events Produced by Faculty and Magickal Folk!

The Hudson Valley’s ORIGINAL Oddities and Curiosities Night Market!


the booklist: 

Barstow, Anne Llewellyn: Witchcraze

Cunningham, Scott: 
                       Book of Shadows
                       The Truth About Witchcraft Today
                       Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

Buckland, Raymond: Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft 

Cunningham, Raven Starhawk: Wejee's Book of Shadows 

Danaan, Victoria David: Seasons of the Witch Primer

Davies, Owen: Beyond the Witch Trials; Witchcraft and Magic in Enlightenment Europe 

Dulsky, Danielle: Woman Most Wild

Dyrendal, Asbjørn: The Invention of Satanism

Ehrenberg, Margaret: Women in Prehistory 

Lerner, Gerda: The Creation of Patriarchy

Fortune, Dion:  Applied Magic

Gawain, Shakti: Creative Visualization

Hall, Judy: The Encyclopedia of Crystals 

Hay, Louise: You Can Heal Your Life (any of her titles)

Johnson. Buffie:  Lady of the Beasts

Kirven, Pat Sawyer: Master Grimoire

Manchester University Press, Beyond the Witch Trials

Nasios, Angelo: Tarot; Unlocking the Arcana

Usui, Dr. Mikao: The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui

Weiss, Dr. Brian: Messages From the Masters (A MUST READ!), any of his titles

The Witch's List of Recommended Reading

A Curated List of really good Reads about Witchcraft, magick, spirituality and women's history




Finally, a place where you can source all of your magickal correspondences without needing to rifle through multiple books and websites!

Painstakingly researched and compiled, Fiona has brought together a master list of materia magica for use in your spell work and rituals, referencing only the most reliable sources of this ancient knowledge.

Easily locate the magickal meanings and uses for botanicals (herbs, resins, gums, flowers, etc), minerals (crystals, gemstones and metals), glyphs, colors, days of the week and the planets, all contained in one easy alphabetical list organized by topic.

This ebook is delivered immediately to your inbox in printable PDF format. MAGICA is a must-have resource that you will find yourself referring to time and again.


Keeping track of your spell work has never been easier! Introducing Fiona's original SpellTracker computer spreadsheet template... it is a teaching tool that shows you all the necessary parts of the spell you need in order to successfully cast, plus it makes keeping tabs on all your magickal manifestations simple.

Available in downloadable Excel and PDF formats, the SpellTrackerTM may be used indefinitely. You may fill it in digitally or manually, and then save it in your traditional Book of Shadows, or directly into your digital one.

The SpellTrackerTM is an indispensable tool that not only reveals successful manifestations worthy of celebration, it also gives you the ability to identify your semi-successes (and downright failures!) as well, thereby empowering you to learn and master your spell casting skills. Complete instructions are provided. 

Please note that this item is included as Bonus material in the following courses: CHARMED, THE GROVE. If you've enrolled in either course, please do not purchase.



~ Botanicals, Minerals, Colors, Days, Glyphs & Planets ~

Useful, original educational resources that every Witch needs in their Magickal repertoire


Excel Spreadsheet & PDF versions

tell me when it's ready!


Specially created by Fiona for you in PDF format to print out and assemble at home, this 11 page timeline allows you to clearly see the evolution of the Modern Witch from the Stone Age through modern day. Dating as far back as the Paleolithic Period 230,000 years ago, stroll through time and learn about the many magickal, spiritual and occult movements that played a role in the evolution of today's Modern Witch. This amazing learning tool is an essential resource for the serious Witch who wants to understand the foundations and roots of his or her path.  The timeline is emailed to you immediately upon purchasing.

Please note that this item is included as Bonus material in the following courses: CHARMED, THE GROVE. If you've enrolled in either course, please do not purchase.



Available fall 2020

Coming in 2020!

Available winter 2020

Created for you by Fiona Duncan, MA, MS.ed.

Comprehensive Guide to Magickal Correspondences

Mastering the Art of Spell-Casting 

The Global Roots of Modern Witchcraft

11 page pDF



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