MERCURY RETROGRADE: Ground In Your Magick When Everything Goes "Wrong" 

3 Keys of Magick

Practice the magickal path of the Witch! Learn how to use your innate power to draw and direct the subtle, yet powerful forces of Universal energy! 

Here you will begin an extraordinary and highly personal journey upon which you will incrementally learn how to master your magick, clear energetic blocks, and ultimately, empower yourself to create the life you desire.

This course is NOT a book of spells, but rather, it is both an experiential and academic approach to learning HOW TO MAKE MAGICK WORK from the global perspective of the Modern Witch, using multiple energetic and magickal principles, taught to you within the framework of three essential keys. 

CHARMED is your foundation for life-changing magick!

~History of Magick & Witchcraft
~Energy: Raising And Releasing Power
~The Trance State
~Timing & Cosmic Influences:
  Lunar, Planetary, Astrological
~Magickal Tools & Materia Magicka
~Ethics In Magick
~The Unconscious Mind And Its Shadows 
~Why Magick Fails
~The Power Of Creating Your Own Spells
~Sample Spells 
~Tracking Your Spells
~The Grimoire & Book of Shadows
~ ...and more!

Downloadable audio & PDFs

SPECIAL BONUS:  Private 1-1 Power Hour Q&A Phone Session with Fiona!

LEVEL: All. Beginners and those with more experience are welcome.

This is a detailed, deep dive into learning how to do magick that works!

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If you consistently struggle with the energy of Retrograde, this course will help you transform how you operate during Mercury's backward spin. It will also help you establish a strong, foundational practice that you can utilize during all the challenging periods in your life.

Dive into the core principles of alchemy using a common astronomical phenomenon as a mechanism for learning. Fine-tune your consciousness and vibration to fully connect and align with the abundant energies of Mercury Retrograde!

Learn the basic purpose of Retrograde, how its deep connection to the energy of illusion pushes you to look past surface motives into the depths of your subconscious. Learn to harness the power of contrast and break free of limiting perceptions, habitual thoughts, and compulsive behaviors that sabotage your magickal practice - inside and outside of Retrograde.  

In this course, you will develop a compassionate and unconditional relationship with yourself through Mercury. In building this personal intimacy, you will better understand the energy you bring to the table every day. You will also learn how to tweak your current vibrational methods to create fantastical realms where miracles and magick occur on the daily! 

Connect with Mercury and discover the exact energies you need to transform your world in just 4 short weeks!

Taught by long-time Witch and Alchemist, Nichole Beamer, you will discover how to befriend the energy of Retrograde!

Downloadable audio, video & PDFs
SPECIAL BONUS: Private 1-1 Power Hour Q&A Phone or Video Session with Nichole!

LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate introductory instruction in the foundational practices of Alchemy. 


Online Self-Paced Courses with 1-1 Teacher Support

Self-Paced Courses enable you to study independently and at your leisure. They are an open-enrollment format, meaning they have no set beginning or end date. Each course is a rich source of information on its given topic and contains any combination of PDF lesson transcripts and notes, audios and videos. They also include assignments designed to help you master each lesson. Once purchased, you are directed to our state-of-the-art Virtual Classroom where you will gain access to your Personal Learning Center and begin receiving your lessons and course materials.

Once you have completed your course you will be prompted to schedule an appointment with your teacher for your special bonus: Your Private 1-1 Power Hour Q & A Session!  Your session will last 30-60 minutes, depending upon how much time you need,  and will be your opportunity to ask questions, share your course experience, and discuss how to integrate your learning into your daily life and magickal practice; you choose from Zoom or Facebook video chat or phone call.

Fiona Duncan, MA, MS.ed.

nichole beamer

The Game-Changing Course About Doing Magick That WORKS!

Use the Difficult Energies of Retrograde to Enhance Your Magickal Prowess

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Course launches late winter 2020!

Course launches spring

Align with the Divine

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STELLAR: A course that goes way beyond just teaching you about casting spells and hoping for the best. 

STELLAR goes deep, covering topics including why your spells don't work and how to rectify the problem, in-depth learning about Planetary Magick (an ancient system of Magick that embodies both Natural Magick and Ceremonial Magick), techniques in practical magick such as dressing and charging spell candles, making mojo bags, learning magickal correspondences and more--all things that make your Magick work. 

This is a life-changing course where you will learn to work with Nature, utilize ancient knowledge, release magick-crushing thought and behavior patterns, and ultimately change your world to manifest a life that serves who you are and what you most desire. 

~Planetary Energies
~Planetary Hours
~Planetary Rituals
~Planetary Correspondences
~Planetary Power Casting
~Everyday Planetary Magick
~Lunar & Astrological Timing
~Working with Multiple Planets 
~Techniques in Practical Magick

Downloadable audio, video & PDFs

SPECIAL BONUS: Private 1-1 Power Hour Q&A Phone Session with Fiona!



Be A Powerful Witch And Magician! Learn to raise your energy levels at-Will! Connect with Source and Spirit as you access all levels of your personal power!

Ensure your energetic transformation by participating  in our comprehensive 12 WEEK COURSE on ENERGY! 

To be effective in both magick and in the mundane, we must first be in command of ourselves and our energy: we must learn how our energy works, what affects it, and how to tap into it at Will. 

As is the way of Modern Witchcraft, this course blends wisdom and practices from multiple disciplines to create a powerfully holistic and effective perspective. You will balance and raise the energy of your body, your mind and your spirit.

Attune your energy and experience greater well-being and spiritual alignment; harness your power, connect with Source and wield your power as the masterful Witch you are!

-Yin/Yang Theory
-Chakras of the Self
-Chakras of Spirit
-Minor Chakras 
-Kundalini Energy
-Anatomy of the Aura
-Connecting to the Earth
-Connecting to the Spirit World
-Empathic Power
-Psychic Self Defense
-Your Higher Self

Downloadable audio, video & PDFs

SPECIAL BONUS: Private 1-1 Power Hour Q&A Phone or Video Session with Melissa!


COMING late 2020!

COURSE CREATOR and instructor:

Connect to the Power of the Cosmos!

Harness Your Power And masterfully Command It On All Levels!

Melissa Paone Somma, LMT

COMING March 2020!

Manifest the Life You Crave with
Planetary Magick!

DREAMcraft for witchcraft: 

DREAM: Traverse the landscape of the subconscious and open the gateway to your soul. 

VIDEO COURSE: In this video training you will dive deeply into the alchemy between consciousness and dreams. You will explore the multidimensional aspects of symbolism and learn how to intentionally use dreaming in your spiritual practice so your magick may flourish creatively and abundantly. 

TOPICS INCLUDE: dream interpretation, dream magick, spirit guides, light & shadow work, lucid dreaming, and waking dream awareness.

Downloadable audio, video & PDFs

SPECIAL BONUS: Private 1-1 Power Hour Q&A Phone or Video Session with Jennifer!

LEVEL: Beginner to IntermediateLEVEL: This course is appropriate for beginner through intermediate levels of experience in dreamwork and dream interpretation. 

Empower Your Magick Through Dreamwork 


Instructor and course creator: Jenniffer ClarOscura, BS

COMING spring 2020!

A Compendium of Practical Magick

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Discover Your Psychic Gifts

In this comprehensive introductory course on divination, you will learn the basics of each of the methods listed below. While this course is not designed to make you an adept in any of the given topics, it will allow you will discover which method(s) best resonate with you, and will come away with a working knowledge of each. This is a journey upon which you will DISCOVER YOUR DIVINATORY GIFTS!

If you do not yet have a knowledge base for any of the topics listed below, have dabbled but are still not sure, or ever have wondered what your divinatory gifts truly are, this course is definitely for you!

~Reading bones, dice, wood, stones   (astragalomancy)
~Tarot (cartomancy)
~Palmistry (chiromancy)
~Fire (pyromancy)    
~Flame (lychnomancy) 
~Dream Interpretation
~Tea leaves (tasseography)
~Scrying (water, smoke, crystal ball, mirror,   flame)
~Dowsing, Pendulums
~Bibliomancy (books)
-Charm Casting (cleromancy)

All topics include best purposes for each practice, history, how to perform each type of divination, practical assignments and supply lists.

Downloadable audio, video & PDFs

SPECIAL BONUS: Private 1-1 Power Hour Q&A Phone Session with Fiona!

LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate


A true compendium of Practical Magick! This course is a one-stop resource that is NOT a book of spells, but so much more... it is an encyclopedic knowledge-base that will teach you the nuts and bolts of the many different types of spell-craft most commonly used in Witchcraft. You will learn how to create your own spells and make your own magick, which is by far the most potent form of magick you can wield! 

This course is appropriate for both the neophyte and the more experienced Witch who seeks to learn further methods of spell-casting. 

~Candle Magick
-Herbs, Oils & Resins
~Mojo Bags
~Sigils, Amulets & Talismans
~Witch Bottles
~Paper Magick
~Color Magick
~Honey Jars & Spell Boxes
~Bath Spells
~Food Alchemy 
~Magickal Oils
~Circle Casting
~Incense & Burnables 
~Cord Magick
~Planetary Magick Basics

All topics include best purposes for each practice, history, how to perform each type of magick, sample spells, practical assignments and supply lists.

Downloadable audio, video & PDFs

SPECIAL BONUS: Private 1-1 Power Hour Q&A Phone Session with Fiona!


COMING in 2020!

Course creators:
Fiona Duncan, MA, MS.ed, rhonda Alin

The definitive Course on divination! learn the classic methods and discover your Psychic talents!

ramp up your magick and master
the spell-casting methods that every witch should know!

Course creator:
Fiona Duncan, MA, MS.ed.

Prerequisite: CHARMED
(suggested but not required)

COMING in 2020!



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