The Magickal Path offers personalized Magick, Spiritual Alchemy, Tarot, and Eclectic Witchcraft courses and coaching programs, both in-person & online, so you can experience life-changing personal empowerment, spiritual evolution & radical transformation 

We offer several ways to learn and work with us, from comprehensive year long coaching programs to single topic mini courses, live online classes, and in-person workshops at Fiona's in Central Valley, NY. 

What sets us apart from the rest is that no matter which course or program you enroll in, you are guaranteed support from your instructor or Headmistress Fiona via email, text, live video chat or phone, depending upon your course and preference.

Please note that we DO NOT teach malefica (black magick).

Learning materials are delivered through our state-of-the-art online classroom portal to which you have unlimited access until the course is retired.

Welcome to The Magickal Path School.

At The Magickal Path we believe that learning happens best when it's an up-close and personal experience. 

Whether you yearn to read Tarot like a pro, craft a bespoke Witchcraft practice that empowers your life, or bring your dreams and desires to the next level with Spiritual Alchemy, you will be taught by a Witchcraft coach and teacher who is committed to your success, and who wants to build a productive and supportive student-teacher relationship with you. 

Every course is taught by an experienced Witchcraft teacher; each in-depth program is led by a trained Witchcraft coach. 

You are important to us. Here, you are not a number.

What you'll get at The Magickal Path you won't find anywhere else: 1-1 guidance with a longtime Witchcraft teacher who will help you to master the keys to living on 'the magickal path'.

You no longer have to go it alone, scouring the internet for answers, or reading book after book without understanding how to practice your Craft or spiritual path. 

Work with us: learn how to create your own, bespoke Eclectic Witchcraft practice that resonates with you on a soul level through one of our Witchcraft courses; transform how you experience your life through Spiritual Alchemy coaching; learn to read the Tarot like a pro, cast spells like a seasoned magician... or do it all!

Our goal is for you to be the Divine, magickal creature you know in your heart you were born to be, and to live the life you dream of... empowered, successful in your endeavors, and sovereign! 

It is our privilege to nurture your growth and to help you celebrate your achievements, every step of the way. 

How would that change the way you learn, and ultimately, practice your Craft?

Witchcraft Courses

Are Our Specialty

Peruse all of our Witchcraft courses, programs and services, listed according to instructor. Enroll in a course, take a workshop, dive into a coaching program or get a tarot reading. Can't decide which one is right for you? CLICK HERE TO EMAIL FIONA. She'd love to help you!


Witchcraft classes, courses and 1-1 coaching; Virtual, online & in person

Work with Fiona


~ Headmistress & Creatrix of TMPS

~ Master Educator 

~ Witchcraft Teacher, Witchcraft Coach

~ Developer of Curriculum

~ Witch & Practical Magician 

~ Certified Reiki Practitioner

~ Devotee of the Feminine Divine

WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 101 

- Harness your own energy, the key to your magickal and personal power

-Work with the energies of the Earth and Cosmos, which add massive layers of power to your own

-Be a confident, masterful magician and creator of original spells

-Clear blocks to your magick, happiness and success in life

-Discover a divination practice that will help you to navigate your life and Witchcraft practice 

-Live in sync with the rhythms and energies of nature, and practice your own personalized year of Sabbat celebrations 

-Live harmoniously with the Moon and 'her moods', and create your own soulful esbat (full moon) practice

-Learn SO much about magick, what it really is, and more importantly, DO IT, to experience life-changing manifestations 

-Connect with spirit and understand your path and your purpose

12 Month Coaching Program; monthly 1-1 coaching/Q&A audio, video or phone sessions, or meet with Fiona in person in her private sanctuary; downloadable PDFs via online classroom portal; email and text support between coaching sessions.

CLICK THE DETAILS link to see everything this amazing program has to offer you! 

LEVEL: Beginner to Some Experience 


Live An Empowered, Magickal Life Through The Practice Of Solitary Eclectic Witchcraft

A Comprehensive Year-And-A-Day Training & Coaching Program In The Spiritual, Magickal And Esoteric Practices Of Eclectic Witchcraft

~ witchcraft classes, courses & coaching with your very own Witchcraft Coach and Teacher~

I am so glad I found you and signed up for your WoW 101, Fiona! I don’t know how I even existed prior to taking it. All the little pieces and scraps of Witchcraft that I already had in me, combined with your amazing knowledge and never ending guidance, finally started to fall together to enlighten the path I was born to walk. For that, I can’t thank you enough! You are my lighthouse, a hand that’s holding a bright candle in a dark night. Thank you for everything you do!

~ Joanna H

Change Your Life In Just A Year!

Learn In 12 Short Months (Or Less), What Would Take YEARS To Master On Your Own

Quit just reading about Witchcraft, fumbling around the internet, social media and through countless books trying to make sense of things...

Release information overload and overwhelm, and actually PRACTICE in a way that is clear, effective and that resonates with you. 

Learn the art and science of doing life-changing magick and personal energy work so you can live the life you really want...

Authentic, Successful, and Sovereign!

This is a private 1-1 experience between just you and Fiona!

WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 201 

Raise your magick to the next level!

~  Deepen your practice and put all the knowledge, wisdom and experiences you've gained in the 101 to work for you.
~  Take your magickal practice to the next level and create BIG spells that manifest BIG results!
~  Discover what your soul is really here for, living your purpose and the life you really want. 

So much more than just a 'course', WoW 201 is a PERSONALIZED COACHING PROGRAM in magick and personal discovery that deepens the skills you learned in the WoW 101 program, and includes learning Fiona's own "Practical Planetary Magick Strategic Spellcasting Technique", which is custom-tailored to your specific goals and interests.  

Not sure what your magickal focus will be in your 201 immersion program? Not to worry. You will have a private strategy session with Fiona before you begin to help you figure this out. So whether you want to build your magickal muscles through casting for health, career, prosperity, relationships, or deepening your spiritual path and living your purpose, this program is for you.

No two mentees' program will be the same, because no two Witches are the same! You will work on your own unique goal, which will be achieved through personalized curriculum development and instruction, your private state-of-the-art classroom portal, and caring support through 1-1 video chats with Fiona. 


If you loved doing life-altering magick in the 101 and want to take your skills to the next level, let's do this!

A Six-month immersion and coaching program especially for the WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 101 graduate or Intermediate practitioner

Fiona goes above and beyond teaching. She shares her own vulnerabilities and creates a safe space for her students to do the same, and to explore and learn in an organic, almost socratic way. I completed WoW 101 and am nearing the end of my personalized 1-1 study of planetary magick in WoW 201. I am looking forward to my deep study of the Moon for my second round of Wow 201!

~ Margaret McNellis, author: The Red Fletch

This is a private 1-1 experience between just you and Fiona!

Sabbats—Days Of Celebration, Power & Magick For The Eclectic Witch

Celebrate your own magickal, deeply spiritual Witch's Year! This coaching program teaches you everything you need to know about the Sabbats, including how to harness their distinctive energies for ritual, magick and celebration, and culminates in the crafting of your very own sabbat year that suits who you are as an individual and unique Eclectic Witch.  
Each of the 8 sabbats in the Witch’s sabbat year embody unique energies which can aid us in manifesting the life and Witchcraft practice we desire through living in sync with the natural cycles of Nature. Further, the energies of each sabbat are particularly powerful and offer potent spellcasting opportunities. Learning how to work with sabbat energies can dramatically increase your magick's effectiveness not just during the Sabbats, but throughout the year.
In this year-long coaching program with Fiona, you'll learn how to....
~Create a bespoke sabbat practice that deeply resonates with you through the lens of ECLECTIC WITCHCRAFT
~Incorporate the traditions, meaning and intrinsic energies of each sabbat into your Witchcraft practice
~Cast magick spells and do rituals that take advantage of each sabbat's distinctive power to get the results you want (Fiona will coach you through your spells if you have not cast before). 
~Create a witchy lifestyle and framework for your Witchcraft practice that is easily sustainable for busy Witches, and that centers around the seasons and natural energies. 
What you get…
~10 substantial, info-packed lessons--you will fill a binder with all the info, rituals, spells, Sabbat practices, activities, and assignments Fiona gives you; upon enrollment you will begin working with the next approaching sabbat. 
~Detailed assignments designed to help you craft your entire Sabbat year
~9 thirty minute coaching calls/video chats around the time of each sabbat over the course of one year
~Email and text correspondence between coaching sessions throughout the year
TO PURCHASE: Click a payment option button and be automatically directed to our state-of-the-art Virtual Classroom to complete your transaction, gain entry to your program, learn how to arrange your first 1-1 video or audio coaching session with Fiona.

Start crafting your first sabbat today!

program creator and instructor:
Fiona Duncan, Ms, MSed

Tap into the distinctive energies of each Sabbat (our holidays!), do powerful magick and live deliciously in sync with the natural rhythms of Nature

*This is a comprehensive witchcraft course created from Fiona's intensive WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 101 Year and a Day training and coaching program. Should you decide you love working with Fiona and want to join the full program, you will receive 15% the full price of the course. Just ask Fiona for the code! 

Study 1-1 with Fiona in this comprehensive 12 month COACHING PROGRAM and create a beautiful, magickal sabbat year!

Single Payment $197

2 Monthly Payments $98.50

This is a private 1-1 experience between just you and Fiona!

"As a storyteller myself, I loved the way "THE WITCH'S YEAR: Sabbats—Days Of Celebration, Power & Magick For The Eclectic Witch" tells the story of each celebration. In my practice I think it's really important to understand and learn the roots of all my rituals and this course gave me a very clear and detailed picture of the traditions and significance behind the Witch's Sabbat year. I'm also someone who likes to create my own practices and these lessons gave me the space and the tools to create and be imaginative within the Sabbats. After taking the course, I feel organized and ready to embrace each upcoming celebration. And on top of the great materials, Fiona's guidance and support helped me feel confident to embrace my intuition and imagination as a witch."

~ Robin Gow, author: Ode to My First Car, A Million Quiet Revolutions, Blue Blood. and Our Lady of Perpetual Degeneracy 

Sabbats—Days Of Celebration, Power & Magick For The Eclectic Witch

Enroll in Fiona's intensive, info-packed course, THE WITCH'S YEAR, and craft your own magickal, deeply spiritual Sabbat year. This course includes everything you need to know about the Sabbats and how to practice them in a way that suits who you are as a Witch.

Known as “The Wheel of the Year” in Wicca, you will learn how to create a bespoke Sabbat practice that deeply resonates with you through the lens of ECLECTIC WITCHCRAFT! Practice each Sabbat you choose to observe in a framework that makes sense to your personal Eclectic path. 

Fiona shares with you her own personal Sabbat practices and discusses the traditions, meaning and intrinsic energies of each. Also included are magick spells and rituals that Fiona created herself that take advantage of each Sabbat's distinct power. 

Lessons in THE WITCH'S YEAR course are NOT skimpy--they are substantial and info-packed--you will fill a binder with all the info, rituals, spells, sabbat practices and activities, and assignments Fiona gives you!

Each of the 10 info-packed lessons were painstakingly written and designed to make learning easy. The course culminates in a detailed project assignment designed to help you craft your entire Sabbat year--AND you get to ask Fiona your questions and seek out her guidance through private email correspondence every step pf the way! 

9 Week Course; Downloadable PDFs made available monthly through your private account in our state-of-the-art online teaching portal; Ask Fiona your lesson questions via email.

LEVEL: Beginner to Some Experience 

was $97


Course creator and instructor:
Fiona Duncan, Ms, MSed

Immerse yourself in the energies of the Sabbats, incorporate seasonal activities into your life, and live deliciously in sync with the natural rhythms of Nature. 

~10 original, info-packed, grimoire-worthy, Beautifully designed PDF Lessons 

~Personal Email Correspondence with Fiona for Every Lesson in the Course

more email correspondence courses coming Winter 2021! 


Spiritual Alchemy Coaching & Courses

Work with Nichole


~ Author & Teacher

~ Energy Alchemist

~ Intuitive Bard

~ Reiki Master

~ Yogi

Individual & Group Coaching Packages 

Want To Have A Deep Love Affair With Your Higher Self, Activate Your Personal Magick, and Bring Your Most Epic and Creative Desires to Life?

Program creator & coach
Nichole Beamer

It’s time to stop sneaking around with your Higher Self, my friend.

Your Higher Self is always speaking to you - doling out insane ideas, handing over Universal mic drops, and pushing you to give yourself to your gorgeous magnetism. To have a love affair with your desires. To activate your innovative magick. To create those EPIC FREAKIN’ FANTASIES, (you know, the ones only you can create) whatever they may be for you .

In my spiritual alchemy coaching programs, you have FULL PERMISSION to get your freak on with your Higher Self. To build a deep connection with it and make it the leading voice in your creative process.

Your Higher Self speaks to you through the language of desire. It is in this unique dialect that your creative voice is heard. Every epic fantasy you carry in your heart is a cue to express your individual artistry. My program is dedicated to nurturing that voice. 

If you are an extraordinary creator, artist, or spiritual innovator ready to cultivate a life of artistry beyond your wildest dreams, let’s connect today. We will chat about your epic desires, your current mindset around those desires, the archetypal energies that will help make them a full-blown reality, and how to maximize the process of Spiritual Alchemy through my coaching programs to experience jaw-dropping transformations.

Unleash yourself and feel damn good doing it!

Mercury Retrograde is NOT the bad thing you think it is! In fact, it can be one of the most magickal and transformative times in the entire calendar year.... IF you know how to work its misunderstood energies!

This course is perfect ANYTIME, not just during retrograde! Be prepared for the next retrograde, or work this magick during it!

Dive into the alchemical transformation that only Mercurial Energy can provide! Overcome difficulties and manifest your deepest desires! 

Learn core principles of alchemy using a common astronomical phenomenon as a mechanism for learning. Fine-tune your consciousness and vibration to fully connect and align with the abundant energies of Mercury Retrograde!

In this course, you will change your current vibration and learn how to create fantastical realms where miracles and magick occur on the daily! 

Connect with Mercury and discover the exact energies you need to transform your world in just 7 short weeks!

7 Week Course: 6 weekly video lessons and meditation practices with downloadable PDF workbook in our our state-of-the-art online teaching portal; Ask Nichole your lesson questions via email; Course culminates with a private 1-1 'Power Hour' Q&A coaching session.

LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate instruction in the foundational practices of Shadow Work and Alchemy. 

nichole beamer

While the world cowers at the backward spin of Mercury, you'll own it and walk out of it better than who you were going in. 

This 7 Week Course Includes Email Correspondence And A Private 1-1 Video Or Audio Coaching Session With Nichole!

Break free of limiting perceptions, habitual thoughts, and compulsive behaviors that sabotage your magickal practice - inside and outside of Retrograde, in this groundbreaking course on Mercurial Magick and Energy Alchemy!

MERCURY RETROGRADE: Ground In Your Magick When Everything Goes "Wrong" 

~ Energy Alchemy & mindset Witchcraft Courses ~ 

Invoking a Transformational Mindset 

If you feel as though you keep hitting walls in your manifestation work, alchemy can help you identify what lies hidden within the shadows of your unconscious mind that is keeping you stuck.

You will learn the basic underpinning of the alchemical process utilizing 4 key steps that will help you to gain clarity, and thus transform your mindset and personal power. 

If you find yourself struggling in either your magickal practice, your daily life, or both, the techniques offered in this mini-course will help you to not only understand these difficult energies, but will help you to break through these unconscious barriers so you may achieve your desires. 

FORMAT: Audio lesson, downloadable PDF Transcript Of Audio Lesson, Guided Visualization Exercise.Mp3; email access to Nichole to ask your questions and get a personalized response! 

LEVEL: Beginner to intermediate level of alchemy and shadow work experience

A mini-Course to help you Identify And Break Through the obstacles that Keep you stuck! 

course creator & instructor
Nichole Beamer

Finally, be able to 'see' what lies hidden within, through the power of Alchemy!

This Mini-Course Includes Email Correspondence With Nichole!


Live, Online Tarot classes, courses & Readings

Work with Rhonda


~ Tarot Reader & Instructor

~ Certified Reiki Practitioner

~ Occultist & Witch

~ Founder, Northern NJ Tarot

TAROT CLASSES: Finding Your path through the cards 

1. Each 4 week tarot course has two hours of live online instruction per tarot class- 8 HOURS OF LIVE INSTRUCTION!

2. PERSONALIZED IN-CLASS ATTENTION; real time Q&A with your teacher and fellow classmates! 

3. SMALL CLASSES guarantee you are seen and heard!

4. A STATE OF THE ART ONLINE CLASSROOM PORTAL, GIVING YOU THE ABILITY TO VIEW YOUR LIVE LESSONS AS OFTEN AS YOU NEED to confidently learn the material. Video recordings of the live lessons will be housed in your online classroom portal - simply review the lessons as often as you like, or as part of your routine homework studies!

5. NEVER WORRY ABOUT MISSING A TAROT CLASS - if you miss one you may view the recorded lesson the next day or at your earliest convenience and ask your teacher questions in the classroom portal. 

6. CHAT WITH YOUR TEACHER BETWEEN WEEKLY LESSONS AND BEYOND—ask your questions in the dialogue areas in your online classroom and get answers!

7. THREE MONTHS ACCESS to your online classroom portal and the course materials: video recordings of the live lessons, PDFs, chat box posts

8. DOWNLOADABLE PDFs for you to keep

9. TONS of information and time to PRACTICE to cultivate your skill and proficiency


A 4-Part LIVE, Online Tarot Course Series: Tarot 101, 201, 301, 401... take just one or take them all!

Instructor and course creator: rhonda alin, BS

Become a trained expert diviner of the Tarot
Demystify learning this mystical practice and learn how to read the Tarot quickly and easily
You will proficiently read simple spreads after your very first course! 

Become a trained expert diviner of the Tarot! 
Demystify learning this mystical practice and learn how to read the Tarot quickly and easily!

Build your skills interpreting the cards in real time and through personalized attention from a seasoned Witch, Tarot Reader and Instructor. Four levels to choose from--enroll in one or take them all. Look for our special 'bundle pricing'!

Our live, online tarot course series goes above and beyond by granting you access to your instructor between your weekly classes! Post your homework and practice spreads, ask Rhonda your questions, chat with your classmates, and watch video replays of every lesson as often as you like (or if you missed a live class!), all through our online classroom.

Our method of teaching and the state-of-the-art technology we use assures you learn the material on both the practical and the intuitive level so you can become a skilled, confident, and accurate reader of the tarot!

Throw away the 'little white book' that came with your deck and divine the Tarot intuitively and accurately. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity in all aspects of your life through reading the Tarot: create positive change, activate your intuition & tap into your fullest potential through this unique course series!

Learn Tarot in real time with your instructor & Receive personalized support between classes! 

what you get in each tarot course in the series:


book a private tarot reading with rhonda!

Gain Divine knowledge and be empowered to make the changes you need to succeed!

Do you have questions about something in your life?  Are you unclear about the current path you are on, or if it's the right one?  Are you wondering about a relationship, your job, your health, your homelife? Is change on the horizon? When will it happen?

Tarot is a tool for self-understanding and helps us to explore our life, problems, the events that happen to us, and the feelings we experience. It offers insight into our unconscious and conscious selves, and as such, makes an excellent shadow work tool.

Tarot can help you to attain knowledge that serves your own highest good! 

Book your Tarot Reading now with Rhonda and learn more about your relationships, to receive advice about a certain issue, or to get a better understanding of what’s going on in your world!

tarot readings Are 1-1 Video Sessions With rhonda!

Self-Paced mini Witchcraft Courses with student-teacher email Correspondence  

*Self-paced mini-courses you can take at your own pace; enroll at any time, there is no set beginning or end date.

*Each mini-course is a single topic and contains any combination of meditations, guided visualizations, audios, videos and always come with PDF lesson transcripts, notes, or workbook; they also include assignments designed to help you master each lesson.

*Low-cost and high-touch means these affordable courses give you 1:1 access to an experienced and practicing teacher--ask a question and get an answer!

*Each mini-course is housed in a completely private forum; feel free to interact! 

*Receive instant access to your state-of-the-art virtual classroom! Complete your course purchase and begin your journey today! 

~Self-paced mini-courses you can take at your own pace; enroll at any time, there is no set beginning or end date.
~Each mini-course is a single topic and contains any combination of meditations, guided visualizations, audios, videos and always come with PDF lesson transcripts, notes, or workbook; they also include assignments designed to help you master each lesson.
~Low-cost and high-touch means these courses give you 1:1 access to an experienced and practicing Witchcraft teacher--ask a question and get a personalized answer!
~Each mini-course is housed in a completely private forum; feel free to interact! No one will know you are here!
~Receive instant access to your state-of-the-art virtual classroom! Complete your Witchcraft course purchase and begin your journey today! 

Each Course is Only $33

These Dreamwork and Witchcraft courses are an amazing value! You get so much for so little!

From Intention to Manifestation 

Your New Witchcraft Practice

Join bestselling author, Tree Carr, in her 2-part course created especially for the brand new witch!

Begin practicing the most fundamental aspect of witchcraft and magick--ENERGY! Energy is everything and learning how to harness yours is the cornerstone of your witchcraft practice.

Learn essential energy harnessing techniques, create sacred space, and your own, unique elementally-powered witch's altar.  

The best part? You will come away having created your very own bespoke altar work practice that will empower you in anything you do moving forward, not only in your witchcraft practice, but in your everyday life as well! 

LEVEL: Beginner experience in personal energy work & witchcraft principles 

Recall almost every dream every time you wake--even if you NEVER seem to remember them!

You'll master so much more than just remembering your dreams with Dream Recall.

Learn Dreamwork techniques that will help you to:

~Remember your dreams (how many of us struggle with that one?)

~Train the unconscious mind to operate from a new state of awareness

~Begin manifesting more of the things you do want in your life, and less of those you don’t!

LEVEL: Beginner-Intermediate experience in dreamwork 


instructor: Tree Carr (pictured in photo)

Clear your Sphere, master your energy and harness your power!

Remember Your Dreams And Consciously Manifest The Life You Desire!

Jenniffer Claroscura (pictured in photo)

~1 Narrated Audio-Video Slideshow 

~2 PDF Text & Graphic Transcripts Of Audio-Video Slideshow  
~2 Mp3 Guided Meditations For Daytime And Nighttime 


~2 Video Lessons: Lecture & Demonstrations

~2 PDF Transcripts of Video Lessons



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