Enjoy this free BELTANE Lesson on Us! 

~Create a bespoke Beltane practice that deeply resonates with you through the lens of ECLECTIC WITCHCRAFT
~Incorporate the traditions, meaning and intrinsic energies of Beltane into your Witchcraft practice
~Tap Into The Distinctive Energies Of this Sabbat and Do Powerful Magick

~ Live Deliciously In Sync With The Natural Rhythms Of the season

Beltane, commonly known as 'May Day', is one of the eight 'sabbats' that many Pagans, Witches and Wiccans observe throughout the year. The term 'sabbat' is the word we use to describe our holidays, which are about celebrating the cycle of life in the natural world. Sabbats are also days of great cosmic power that we can tap into to help us in our daily lives--which is what doing magick is all about!  

This lesson is but a fragment of the full 150 page lesson on the sabbats in my highly personalized

WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 101 Year-And-A-Day Training & Coaching Program,

and in my stand-alone course about the sabbats

THE WITCH’S YEAR: Sabbats—Days Of Celebration, Power & Magick For The Eclectic Witch

Click the links to learn more about both. 

I hope you enjoy this free 16 page non-Wiccan approach to celebrating Beltane and doing magick as a
Solitary Eclectic Witch!

And as an added BONUS, I am personally available to you via email if you have any questions about the lesson!

Magickal Blessings,
~ Fiona, Your Headmistress 🖤

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