A woman (an eclectic witch) in a flowing dress dances freely at sunset; energy (magick) streams (is cast) from her hand.

What is Eclectic Witchcraft?

  1. Kim says:

    Eclectic witchcraft resonates on every level. The freedom to uniquely embrace energy with the “Magick” is beautiful.
    Thank you Fiona!

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Thank you, Kim! Yes, that’s the whole point of the Eclectic path–practicing your Craft in a way that authentically resonates with you vs trying to adhere to the rules and dogma of other ‘set’ Witchcraft, spiritual and magickal paths. Sure, you must learn the basics of energy and Craft work, but from this point of departure, how you practice is singularly up to you, as guided by intuition and spirit. I’m glad you enjoyed this post! Thank you 🙂

  2. […] of the best parts of being an Eclectic Witch is the freedom it provides. That is because there are no rules in the way you practice […]

  3. Mond Strand says:

    Fiona, I have barley started my journey as an eclectic witch but just being able to read what you have written on this page gas given me so much strength and hope towards the future, to be my own individual and be able to withstand the negativity with may target me.
    Thank you so much. <3

  4. Mond Strand says:

    Thank you so much for providing such helpful information to such new witches! You are truly a blessing.

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