A woman (an eclectic witch) in a flowing dress dances freely at sunset; energy (magick) streams (is cast) from her hand.

What is Eclectic Witchcraft?

  1. Kim says:

    Eclectic witchcraft resonates on every level. The freedom to uniquely embrace energy with the “Magick” is beautiful.
    Thank you Fiona!

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Thank you, Kim! Yes, that’s the whole point of the Eclectic path–practicing your Craft in a way that authentically resonates with you vs trying to adhere to the rules and dogma of other ‘set’ Witchcraft, spiritual and magickal paths. Sure, you must learn the basics of energy and Craft work, but from this point of departure, how you practice is singularly up to you, as guided by intuition and spirit. I’m glad you enjoyed this post! Thank you 🙂

  2. […] of the best parts of being an Eclectic Witch is the freedom it provides. That is because there are no rules in the way you practice […]

  3. Mond Strand says:

    Fiona, I have barley started my journey as an eclectic witch but just being able to read what you have written on this page gas given me so much strength and hope towards the future, to be my own individual and be able to withstand the negativity with may target me.
    Thank you so much. <3

  4. Mond Strand says:

    Thank you so much for providing such helpful information to such new witches! You are truly a blessing.

  5. I would like to learn more. I need to learn to slow down, meditate and create.

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Hi Kathryn,

      Being more mindful in any given moment really does make life richer and more fulfilling. And it really is a magickal practice, you know. That is because everything is energy, and the energy you create begins in your mind with your thoughts. Once you have this mental channel clear, you’d be amazed at what you begin to create. I created The Magickal Path School as a result of meditation at my altar while working with Jupiter in my planetary magick practice. Inspiration after inspiration, idea after idea… I’m still amazed by the divine downloads and what I’ve created, how much I love what I now do, and mostly, how much my students love and benefit from the courses and programs I teach them. There is no reason why you can’t slow down, receive inspiration and create what YOU were born to create. Make the commitment to yourself that you will find a way to make it happen and then lean into it with ease and flow. Email me through the website if you have any questions. Magickal blessings to you, Kathryn.

  6. Emily says:

    Seven years ago I suffered tragic loss which pushed me on a journey to find my authentic self, face my most deepest fears and seek my life purpose to help me ascend when I crossover. I was born with a “veil” and had strong psychic powers as a child; my mother would tell me of the amazing things or sights I would relay to her. Then trauma became a part of my life and my gifts faded, but I always had my guides with me helping to empower and steer me to be a survivor not a victim and I’ve held on to that lesson throughout my life. I’ve manifested great experiences in my life, but I had no clue I was doing it. Only looking back do I see the synchronicities and spoken words that created those events which I now see based on my studies of Universal Laws, Metaphysics, Spiritual Practices etc. These seven years my journey has taken me here to the door of Witchcraft (my past 40 years I have suppressed my desire & deep passion to know the craft) I’ve had dreams for 40 years of myself frolicking naked in the forest forming a circle chanting and singing with my sisters. So why am I pouring my deepest secrets to you… because today you helped me to push forward. I was on a crossroad questioning the Universe, why was I here. Do I have the right to call myself a Witch because my interests vary tremendously but it culminates down to energy (magick). The Universe brought me here to educate me once again to know that I am an Eclectic Witch. So thank you with all my being for this beautiful and insightful article that answered many of my questions. Magickal Blessings Fiona

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Hi Emily,

      It’s often our greatest challenges that become the catalyst for the deep spiritual journeys we are meant to experience, difficult as they me be. But in the end, when we work our way through them consciously and with purpose, we’ve usually experienced so much growth, it turns out to have been worth it on some significant level. Like yourself, I have experienced tremendous trauma and many challenges. But you know what? It was my spiritual quest that got me through it all, helped to heal me, and ultimately, empower me to be the strong and wise person and witch I am today. And also like yourself, the inner knowing that the spiritual path was the way toward the light.

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so honored that I have been able to help you, and am so happy that this post made a difference to you. This is exactly the reason why I write anything on my website. Magickal blessings on your continued journey, Emily.

  7. Teresa says:

    I have always had a deep feeling of “there’s something more to this life” and as a young adult, I had been into physic readings, meditation, astrology, energy healing (reiki ?)etc. Then life got in the way (tonnes of trauma – physical, mental and spiritual … even as a child). … Up until this past September, I didn’t realize it but I had a huge problem with a ‘negative attachment’ and from that point on, I’ve been searching my heart out – learning about how to fight against that negative energy and anything that could do me “spiritual” harm … researching anything I could to help me get on the right path. Low and behold, through it all, I discovered that I have ‘witchy’ vibes. and with that research, I’ve come to deduce that an eclectic witch is where I feel at home. … Thank You so much for publishing this article. It explains so much and is so informational!

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      You are so welcome, Theresa. I am so happy this post helped you so much. How exciting for you to at last realize ‘who’ you are and what your path is! So wonderful! If I can help you any further, just ask (email me through The Magickal Path website). Magickal Blessing on your newfound path!

    • Ci says:

      This post has been really helpful in my experience as a new eclectic witch! Everything has made so much sense in my discoveries about who I really am since I was young since I’ve started my craft. How animals always seem drawn to me, butterflies always landed/followed me, how ravens/crows flew near my home, ect. I’ve always collected crystals and been into palm readings. Witchcraft feels like a homecoming, in a way. Like I’m unlocking a new understanding of myself I never thought I could, and each time I practice I can’t help but approach it with love, appreciation, and excitement. Lately, I’ve noticed I’ve been having precognitive dreams as well, more than before, actually! It’s all been extremely empowering and I can’t wait to evolve and grow my craft.

      • Fiona Duncan says:

        Hello, Ci. I am so happy that my post has helped you so much. And yes, you ARE unlocking an understanding of yourself that you previously did not see or thought you could be. All of your gifts and ways of practicing that are authentic and most empowering for you personally, are beginning to to unfold for you because you are at last ready. How exciting!

        • Ci says:

          It’s extremely exciting! I had the feeling I was supposed to do something tonight, a spell, meditation, something, and I ended up seeing my amethyst crystals vibrational energy! It was such a comforting but amazing experience, I’ve had her for a good year or two now, and now that I’ve tapped into my craft, my magic, I feel closer to her. <3

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