How to Choose Your Witch Name

How to Choose Your Witch Name: Using Numerology as Your Guide

  1. Insowa Jones says:

    Your right it is a challenge, I’m still working on my name

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Hi Insowa!

      Yes it is tricky! Not so much that it’s a difficult process to do, but getting the name you love to align with your numbers is the thing.

      If your chosen name and numbers do line up, that’s awesome! But if they don’t, that’s ok. They do not have to. The most important thing about your Witch name is that you love it and it has deep meaning to you.

      Numerology is nice to use and adds an extra layer of energetic resonance to your name if it works for you. When it works out, it’s great! But if not, no worries. It’s only one method of many you can use to help you create your perfect Witch name!

      And again, if you’ve already chosen a name and your heart is set on it, then that is definitely the name you should use!

      Have you chosen yours, Insowa?

  2. Samantha Finch says:

    Good morning Fiona,

    OK, I got the numbers part, I think….but I don’t see how your number 9 goes with Dancer. I see the #9 on your list as going with the letters I & R….. help!!!!!

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Hi Samantha!

      Sure I can help! Let me walk you through the process…

      dancer: D=4 A=1 N=5 C=3 E=5 R=9 TOTAL=27
      now add the 27 together: 2+7=9

      So to determine if a name you like numerologically aligns, just do the formula I wrote in this reply and use the number/alphabet guide in the blog post. Let me know if you need more help 🙂

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