How to Choose Your Witch Name

How to Choose Your Witch Name: Using Numerology as Your Guide

  1. Insowa Jones says:

    Your right it is a challenge, I’m still working on my name

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Hi Insowa!

      Yes it is tricky! Not so much that it’s a difficult process to do, but getting the name you love to align with your numbers is the thing.

      If your chosen name and numbers do line up, that’s awesome! But if they don’t, that’s ok. They do not have to. The most important thing about your Witch name is that you love it and it has deep meaning to you.

      Numerology is nice to use and adds an extra layer of energetic resonance to your name if it works for you. When it works out, it’s great! But if not, no worries. It’s only one method of many you can use to help you create your perfect Witch name!

      And again, if you’ve already chosen a name and your heart is set on it, then that is definitely the name you should use!

      Have you chosen yours, Insowa?

  2. Samantha Finch says:

    Good morning Fiona,

    OK, I got the numbers part, I think….but I don’t see how your number 9 goes with Dancer. I see the #9 on your list as going with the letters I & R….. help!!!!!

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Hi Samantha!

      Sure I can help! Let me walk you through the process…

      dancer: D=4 A=1 N=5 C=3 E=5 R=9 TOTAL=27
      now add the 27 together: 2+7=9

      So to determine if a name you like numerologically aligns, just do the formula I wrote in this reply and use the number/alphabet guide in the blog post. Let me know if you need more help 🙂

      • Erin says:

        Yes but we went from adding our birthday to suddenly the word “dancer”. It’s like you skipped a big step in there. Where did the word “dancer”’ enter the process? For instance, I’m a 3. I’ve known this for eons. My birthday adds to a 3. According to your letter key up there, my letters are C, L, U. and that means….?? What’s the next step?

  3. Per Larholm says:

    As you said, sometimes it just comes to you. My birthnumber is 3+3 = 6, so I looked at the number 6 in your list – and there it was – or more exactly half of it. The rest came flying from somewhere and told me I were Home. F,O,X were the letters in the number, and Night were the flying respons – so Nightfox – or in Danish (I’m such a one) Natræv – is my witchname. To be straight – it’s my Druidename, next to my callsign, SirUgly1, as the fairies know me.

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Nightfox… what a beautiful name! Thank you for sharing it and how it came together for you. I really love its Danish translation “Natræv” and how it sounds (yes, I googled the translation so I could hear it :-). Really beautiful.

  4. Laura Balsama says:

    I can’t figure one out that actually works. grrrrr haha

  5. Lory B. says:

    My number is 3+0=3 so on the list I saw c, l, u. What came to me was the name Clover. I live it. I feel drawn to it and it suits me 🥰

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Clover! That is such a great name! I love it, too. Great job coming up with that. 🙂

      • Hayley says:

        My life path is 8, the name I’d really like to use sums to 88.. is that still okay? I realise under normal numerology rules that this would reduce to 8+8 = 16, 1+6 = 7. But I actually quite like that it adds up to 88 🙂

        it’s an amalgam of my two grandmother’s names

        • Fiona Duncan says:

          Hi Hayley. I say go with your gut. Your intuition knows what’s right for you. Following rules that don’t support us makes no sense. I always teach my students this. So, if you have an emotional connection to the two names you are using to create your magickal name with (and if you are close to your two grandmothers, I’d say you do), that holds WAY more power than any rule of numerology could. At the end of the day, the power of love is way more powerful than any rule of magick. And if the number 88 appeals to you, there is a reason for it even if you don’t know what it is yet. So go with it! Create your magickal name from your two grandmas names, and know that the number 88 has significance for you. Thanks for writing, Hayley.

  6. Crystal says:

    I was “drawn” to 3 particular words. One is an animal, one is a crystal and the third one a nickname I always felt like it made so much more sense than my real name.

    I was disappointed to realise that my birth number – 7 – doesn’t match with any of those words….
    Took a paper and did all the math and then it struck me.
    If I add all three together, they actually add up to 7! Amazing…

  7. Dumitrita says:

    What If mine is 10?
    I was born on November 8 2007

  8. Heather Willitts says:

    Just finished the free course and made may way over to the blog. I wrote down several words I liked and attempted this very difficult process. My aim was a 5. After about a half an hour I stopped and said Spirit just give it to me. Gypsy Rose… 7+7+7+1+7+9+6+1+5 = 50 = 5 WHAT!!!!! Ok so I am not a gypsy at least never felt drawn to gypsy energy…so I must research. I will be back……..(googling)… wanderer, diviner, musician —- ok Spirit <3

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      I love how you wrote your post, Heather, lol. But…aha! Isn’t that fascinating? All that struggle to get a ‘5’ name and then bam! Right out of the sky you get one that is ‘you’. No such thing as a coincidence, you know. So cool!😉

  9. Kayla Price says:

    I’m Atur Celtic for bear or rock!!

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Atur! That’s fabulous, what a strong name! Bear or rock–which do you resonate with most? I like both, and personally resonate with your Celtic name (Atur), being 94% pure Celt myself 🙂

  10. Gardenia winter owl says:

    Winter owl…. I’m a garden lover.. so I must incorporate a flower. I’m drawn to gardenia winter owl. This fits for me. 🤍🌜💫

  11. Chyenne says:

    I cant figure out the thing. My birthday is April 17, 1997 and I tried and I keep getting an 11 or if I add that its a 2 I cant figure out which is right.

  12. Shavon says:

    ok so i already knew my life pathnumber is 7
    5+2+4+1+9+9+4= 7 . And ive been attatched to my nickname that was given to me by a freind that passed away in highschool. which is just my name backwards without the Sh… Shavon backwards -sh = Nova. Right? well i decided to see what the number of those letters equaled

    N_14 + O_15 + V_22 + A_1 = 52 : 5+2=7 !!!!!!! whaaat!

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Shavon, that’s amazing! Nova is truly your magickal name. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that your friend who passed gave it to you. Seems to me like it was meant to be. So beautiful, (and very exciting, really).🖤

  13. Nekishia says:

    As a little girl (5-9 yrs old)this Television show I use to watch alot Xenxa the warrior princess… The name Xenxa stuck with me for years and when I did the numerology trying to find my witch name I used six five five six one and it came it came up with 23 I add 2 + 3 equals 5 which is my life path number I’m in shock that it was the name again.

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Wow! Well, Nekishia, as I always say, there’s no such thing as a coincidence–everything is a magickal synchronicity, and this revelation about a name you loved for years aligning with your life path number is just that! So interesting!

  14. Raymond says:

    I got 8 -H,Q,Z (3+2+9+1+9+8+3)
    Now what do i do? How do I decide? Any recommendations or?

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Hi Raymond. Typically we have a name in mind when we check to see if it aligns numerologically. Do you have any names in mind? If you tell me, I’ll be able to help you. 🙂

  15. LeeAnna says:

    So if my real name is a 7 like my life path number is, does that mean I already have my witch name?

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Hi LeeAnna,

      Yes, it could definitely mean that IF you want to use your ‘real’ or given name as your Witch name. If you do not resonate with your given name and you’d like to choose a different Witch/magickal name for yourself, you are free to do that as well. 🙂

  16. Nini says:

    Okay so this is CRAZY 😮 My mind is blown right now 🤯
    i just commented and I’m commenting again because I did the whole adding thing my birthday is Aug 13,1996 so 8+1+3+1+9+9+6 =37
    3+7=10 I reduced the number my life pass # is 1+0=1
    N I N I
    5+9+5+9=28 2+8=10
    Nini is my witch name & a nickname my family calls me by so I LOVE IT <3 thank you for this !

  17. Cydney Creed says:

    I came up with 9, I’ve read how to find my name, but I’m stumped 🤔 😢. I have gypsy in my blood, some of my ancestors were. And I’m drawn to crystals, can my witch name be Crystal Gypsy ? It really just jumped out at me, it came from deep within. Thank you.

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Hi Cydney,

      Yes! You absolutely can use Crystal Gypsy! Whenever something really speaks to you, it’s meant to be yours regardless of whatever traditional or usual ways of doing or attaining things may be.

      Following your intuition, which is essentially your soul speaking to you, is always the way to go, and what I teach all my students. Developing and trusting your intuition is the most basic and essential form of psychism, and is available to everyone, if they only learn to listen and trust.

      Nine is also my number, which is the Hermit card in tarot. If you are not familiar with the deeper meaning of the Hermit, you may want to research it and apply what you learn to your own life and spiritual development.

      Thanks for writing, Cydney!

  18. Kristy says:

    My lifepath number is 7. It took my a few minutes but I instantly knew that Sun had to be a part of it. Then I saw it….Sunflower❤️ Its perfect. Sunflowers have always been my favorite flower…and just the sun in general is a huge part of my life. I love it..its perfect, and means so much to me❤️❤️ Thank you for tour help!!!

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Hi Kristy,

      What a perfect realization! I love that name (I love sunflowers too!). But the main thing about choosing your name is that you love it and it totally resonates with you for whatever reason is meaningful to you. It can be helpful to use tools such as numerology to help us figure out our witchy names, but at the end of the day, it’s how you feel about it that matters more than anything. It’s your love of it that makes it powerful. So glad this was helpful to you. Thanks for writing,’Sunflower’!

  19. Kim says:

    Ok I thought I had it but very confused date of birth 8-19-1967
    8-1-9-1-9-6-7 =41 -4 + 1 = 5 is my birth # but rest gets crazy for me please help !

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      Hi Kim, I’d love to help you but I’m not sure what you need help with. When you say “the rest gets crazy for me” what exactly are you referring to? If you get a little more specific about where you are stuck, I’ll reply when I hear back from you. Thanks for posting!

  20. Chrissie Shady says:

    Hello my number is 8 not sure what name that is I’m a little confused

  21. Tonya Lynn kirk says:

    My life path number is 5
    My destiny number is 9
    My soul number is 7 and
    Inner dream is 11 what should my name be and thank u for helping out

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