How to Use Tonka Beans in Your Witchcraft Practice

How to Use Tonka Beans in Your Witchcraft Practice

  1. Per Larholm says:

    Thank you, Fiona, for your hard work. You made it possible for me to find more about the tonka bean, that I did not know.

    Blessed be.

    • Fiona Duncan says:

      You are so welcome, Per Larholm! I love tonka beans and am glad they resonate with you, too. There is something about them that I am just so drawn to–their scent, how they look, how they feel, and of course how we can use them from everything to dessert recipes to our most potent spells! I began using tonka beans decades ago and have always kept them on hand ever since. I encourage you to obtain some for yourself and see how you might begin working with them. 🙂

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